It’s A Sign

I would say that I am not really a believer of a higher being however there are times when you just have to sit back and think “Is the universe trying to tell me something??”

And this photo was one of those times!!

To give some of my rural friends some situational awareness of the fires, I once again popped up to the top of one of their hills to capture the fires.

Shooting away for about 15 minutes light rain started to fall. I could feel the cool water on my face and all I could think of was “I hope this continues and hits the firefront”.

Turning around the most amazing rainbow appeared, and not only was it amazing cause of the clarity but it was a complete rainbow, and parts were a DOUBLE RAINBOW that seems to look like a shield protecting Canberra.

The left end of the started over the Canberra city just near Black Mountain and ended over the southern suburbs of Canberra, like Banks, Conder and Gordon.

I am not sure about you but for me looking at this, it gave me a sense of protection and with heavy rains forecast to fall across Australia, I think it was a sign from mother nature to say “I’ve got this and everything is going to OK!”

Mothers Natures way of saying “We are going to be OK”

Fires Rage Across Canberra

For anyone that doesn’t live in Australia, this country has been under attack from bush fires for almost 3 months.

They have burnt more forests than you could ever believe and as I type they continue to burn and all across the country.

Here in Canberra where I live we have up until the last few weeks have been immune to the rages of this years bush fire season however given that everything is burning around us it was a ticking time bomb.

And it was our turn. The fires have take out most of the Namadgi National Park and have come close the the urban fringes of Canberra.

People all across this country have been out helping others be it through boots on the ground fire protection, donations, supplies, putting people up in houses or emotional support.

Having been one of those people trying to help from afar and feeling very powerless to assist as the fires come closer to Canberra, I like many others put out the offer off assistance.

For me, that takes shape in helping rural landholder mates and others to understand the fires but also be part of their active fire team to defend their properties when and if the fire reaches their boundaries.

The other part of this is to be able to photograph the fire as it moved and shaped around the landscape, allowing them to understand fire moments and when they might be impacted.

In helping these farmers it also gives me exclusive access to view points that most of the public is not allowed as the entire rural south of Canberra has been blocked due to safety concerns.

I have a few different photos of the fires that are happening as I type but I wanted to share this photo with you as it seemed so comforting watching it move and shape its way around the hill that it is hard to remember the death that this fire is bringing to the landscape and the native wildlife.

For the locals this photo was taken the night of the 2rnd of February 2020 from Tharwa facing the fire that was moving on the north side of the fire and into Corin dam.

Talking with the locals that have both lived in the area for many decades and have been in the fire service for many decades they say the risk of this northward moving fire has the potential of moving from the rural landscape into the urban interface and causing loss of houses and property.

Will that come true, who knows but what I can say, sitting back and watching this fire at night and from a distance has given me a new found respect for the fire but also the beauty that it brings, though things like the night fires but also the rejuvenation of life with the bush land after the fire.

Right now the night time allows us to take stock, and look at the positive side before the daylight come where we know so will the destruction of bushfires.

The northern edge of the Canberra Bushfires moving from Tharwa to Corin Forest

Dark To Light and Light To Dark

One of the great things I love about shooting sunsets and sunrises is that they are always changing but still the same.  They bring their own feeling to the shot and the random formations that the clouds and sun bring is always mesmerizes.

The darkness is so close to the light but everything is still visible and to be able to have such contrast next to each other is truly beautiful and breathtaking……. To think most people don’t even release this is just outside their door or window and all they need to do is to stop and take a few minutes to watch this and I must say, for me seeing this puts life back into perspective.

What will tonight’s sunset bring and are you ready to watch it?

Light To Dark
Light To Dark

The Light Within The Storm

Hey, can you see that….  Yes that my friends is the end of the year fast approaching and boy what a year it has been.

This time of the year can be very stressful for a lot of people for many reasons but let me just say that within ever storm there is light and the sunshine at the other end.  So as we get into the silly season do take some time out to think of others. <3

This photo was taken looking over Lake Burley Griffin here in Canberra after a light storm rolled through the area a bit before.  It is made up of about 40 individual images to give this final image.

All my images are for sale and can be found on my on-line store and if you want to learn how to take these types of photos I conduct a one-on-one workshop and will be posting up a few workshops over the Christmas break so stay tuned.


Sunshine through the storm
Sunshine through the storm

Oh So Many Posts In One Day…

Yeah, I know I don’t want to overload you guys with post but WOW….

Look at this sunset!!!!! Fair dinkum it is freaking awesome.  Man, I just love this time of year.  It is warm but not hot, you can have your doors and windows open and don’t need air conditioning but the best part is are the sunsets.  They are truly spectacular!!!!!

WOW - What a sunset???
WOW – What a sunset???



Say Goodbye to the Snow!

I would love to hear what you think of this image?

With the onset of spring and hopefully warmer weather, it’s a great time to go back to process some of the images I captured over the colder months.

This photo was taken as the sun was rising and hitting the Brindabella mountains as seen from my backyard.

The whole week was cold but not quite cold enough to get snow here in Canberra but it was cold enough to keep a good dusting of snow as you can see.

Snowcapped Brindabella mountains
Snowcapped Brindabella mountains

I figured if I can edit this photo I may as well record it so you guys can get to see the process and hopefully it will help you to improve not only a landscape photography but also your post processing.


Of course, if you want to learn more about landscape photography and post-processing keep an eye out for my workshops or send me an email.

Now onto the weekend. 🙂

Behind the Computer Once Again

In my business people have an idea that we spend all our time photographing but the reality is that we spend most of our time sitting in front of a computer screen. 🙁

Today was one of those days but I must say I learnt a lot, made a heap progress with some ideas I have bashing around my head and I got to capture a fantastic sunset.

How was your day?

What a Way to End a Mentally Draining Day
What a Way to End a Mentally Draining Day

Nice…. A Day and Night Off to Sit Back and Relax!

With a shoot that was postponed as the client had to go away I had the day to myself to relax and catch up with house duties…  yay for a day off!!!!!

With half of the day cleaning and shampooing carpets and the other half watching “Highway Thu Hell” on Netflix which I think I am addicted to (thank god there is only 23 episodes)  I grabed a wine and watched the sun set from my back door.  🙂

And That Ends Another Day!
And That Ends Another Day!

I feel so relaxed that I think I am ready what another week…. Except tomorrow is a public holiday in Canberra, oh well what ever will I do with my time…… 😉

I know how about I organize a 5 hour shoot with a model, makeup artist and agent on a private farm, where we can capture natural and free spirit images.

If you have to work tomorrow have fun but those of us in Canberra will be enjoying the day and thinking of you…. ok ok ok maybe not..

What a Colourful Day!

After a late night was up the crack of dawn to attend this years colour run here in Canberra. Last few years I’ve popped out there as a photographer however this she was different. This year I was a participant!

The fun and the joy that is the colour run is always something that brings a smile to my face and every other person that attends. The music and the vibe is upbeat and with volunteers along the way giving everyone words of encouragement it truly is an event for people of all fitness levels and in fact I think they should rename it to – The Colour Walk and Fun!

I’m not sure on the numbers that were there today but I would have a guess it would have been in excess of 20,000 people but it is hard to tell as the run is split over a period of time people get released in blocks to avoid a mad rush at the beginning.

After getting completely covered in coloured cornflower and bubbles I knew that I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by so what better reason to take some more photos.

This I friends is what the colour run looks like at the end!

OMG - That Was Awesome
OMG – That Was Awesome

As part of the the mandatory photography took Kit you need to GoPro and a Seflie stick.. 😉

Mandatory Tools for Colour Run
Mandatory Tools for Colour Run

Why do you need such mandatory tools??????

well it’s so you can capture some really crazy shots from a high of taking in large amounts of your environment because of the ultra wide lens.

This was just one of the stations along the way without a snow/foam making machine that pumped out tons of the stuff…..  Now if I could only get one of these for a photo shoot that would be awesome!!!!

What's a Bit of Snow between Friends
What’s a Bit of Snow between Friends

Now that you have run your ass off on what is the happiest 5 km of your life, you get to have a party and what a party it is….

Disclaimer: ok ok ok no one actually does run the colour run which is why I think they need to re-name it to the colour fun.

If you have some photos of your colour run I would love to see the as I cannot get enough of colour, glitter and the fun that is the colour run!

All that’s it for another year and I can’t wait to photograph all the action next year!

The Mad Party at the End
The Mad Party at the End


How to Find the Dodgy Night!

I was doing a corporate shoot and I noticed that a couple of my studio lights were not firing all the time so I swapped them out on the day with the spares I take on these types of shoot but the problem was I didn’t mark which ones where the dodgy ones.

So today while I had a bit of time between shoots I thought I would crack out the lights and find the ones that need replacing and what better to find them than to take some self portraits.

This is just a couple of the ones I ended out with as I’m a bit rushed for time.

I Am the Star Lord
I Am the Star Lord

Nothing like a little black and white action when you have a over head light setup. 🙂


After all that I did find the bulbs which need replacing and I had a bit of fun.

Now is time to get ready for a 21st birthday party that I’m covering tonight and like every party and event a cover I’m sure it is going to be a hoot.

Have a great night and keep safe!

As the Postprocessing Continues the Sunsets

With a full on afternoon of post processing photos from last night’s event and corporate portrait at photos of the Canberra Raiders cheer squad The Emeralds, I have a break in the weather to run outside and  get a quick snap while I export 300 images.

Sunsetting while I post process images.
Sunsetting while I post process images.

With The Sounds Of Christmas Fading

It makes for a great time to get out and capture all the Christmas lights while they are still around. 🙂

Christmas lights and lights in general can be hard to capture especially if you want to also capture a person or some other subject that is not lit up by the lights.  The resulting images will be that the either the subject will be dark or the lights will be over exposed.

The trick is to use some form of flash to light up the subject so that you can even out the exposure across the entire image and in doing so reduce the contrast between dark and light.  There are lots of ways to do this and some I will go into in the coming weeks.

If you are just out to capture the lights you may not need a tripod but it is a good idea if you are after sharp images due the the camera needing to open the shutter longer than you can hold the camera steady for.

What I tend to do is go out and give it a try.  I start with hand holding and then move toward using other supporting devices if the need arises.

Why?  because then I can travel lite and I have less equipment to get in peoples way.  After all they are also there to experience the joy that is Christmas lights.

So before the lights fade away for another year, grab your camera and head out to capture some lights.  Experiment a little, play with your shutter and aperture and just have a bit of fun.

Out to capture some Christmas lights
Out to capture some Christmas lights


Welcome To The Weekend!!!!

The weekend is finally here and what a glorious weekend it is set to be. The weather here in Canberra is going to be in the high 20s with some cloud cover to keep the harsh some way.

One of the great things about living in the bush capital of Australia is that it’s only a short drive you are surrounded by magnificent eucalypt trees, native grasses and not to mention the Australian animals like kangaroos and wallabies.

Last weekend I packed the truck with my camping, camera and fishing gear to head to a place called McIntyre’s Hut and Flea Creek, and if there was something I learned it was that I much better at taking photos that I am fishing. 🙂

I could see the fish and even when dangling the bait in front of their little faces I still couldn’t catch shit!!!!!! hahahahaha  So I cracked out a few beers and put my camera to work instead.

What is it that you have planned this weekend?

Rhino rack, Pioneer tray, FoxWing, sunseeker, four-wheel-drive, Brindabella ranges
Standing on my Rhino Rack Pioneer tray to get the shot of waterfall trail at the back of the Brindabella ranges.

A Bit of Fashion and a Bit of Fun.

Last night as you know I covered the fashion show held at the DLA Piper offices here in Canberra.  This fashion show was put on and in support of the UNICEF global challenge in which Brodie Williams from the firm is participating.

Our stunning models for the evening
Our stunning models for the evening

It goes without saying that the event was a hit and raised much-needed funds for the charity but for me one of the highlights is when Brodie was addressing the audience and giving stories of what she is going to expect in her trip. She seemed little put off with the fact that she would have to be camping, and she hates camping but there will also be baboons that may or may not attack the group of walkers. Never fear some comfort was insured as they will be shadowed by two rifleman to ensure the safety and I was given the impression she wasn’t exactly sure what these rifleman would be doing. hahahahaha

Brodie being a little bit unsure about the rifleman
Brodie being a little bit unsure about the rifleman

One of the other things I noticed is that even though DLA Piper our law firm most of the people I spoke that worked for them actually had a personality. Ok Ok Ok I am only joking please don’t sue me…

Brodie telling tales of what to expect
Brodie telling tales of what to expect

In between the sets and for the entire show we had the talented drum assault bashing out their African tunes which I must say is very fitting considering the charity this event supporting.

I kept the crowd entertained with their unique style and at times getting the interaction of some the people watching the show. Dan Graetz is the group manager in the main lead and a must say his his small and enthusiasm was infectious, so thank you my man. 🙂

Drum Assault doing their thang.. :)
Drum Assault doing their thang.. 🙂

The talented hair stylist fresh back from NYC fashion week
The talented hair stylist fresh back from NYC fashion week

Fashion in the office
Fashion in the office

Fashion in the office
Fashion in the office

A bit of fun before the show
A bit of fun before the show

If you want to check out all the other photos they are now ready for viewing by clicking on the event link. Feel free to download and use these photos as you see fit and please support UNICEF in helping making this world a better place.

Of course if you need an event photographer here in Canberra on fact Sydney or Melbourne to cover your corporate event please feel free to drop me a line as I’m sure we can help out.

Wall to Wall Photos Are up. :-)

Before I start what I’d like to say if you can please share this post to not only create awareness but also get these images out to the people that participated in the ride as most would never even know I was there nor would they know that they can freely get access to these photos.!

Last weekend I covered the wall-to-wall motorcycle ride, this ride is a memorial ride the police that have been killed in duty.

Wall-to-wall remembrance ride
Wall-to-wall remembrance ride

It’s an interesting ride as it starts many months before we each of the police Commissioners and over a wooden bat and tour rider for them to deliver it to the ceremony that is held at the police Memorial here in Canberra. Within each of these patterns is a scroll, this scroll holds the names of the officers that have been killed since the last memorial and it was nice to hear that none of these patterns contained any names.

Police Memorial Canberra ACT Australia - 12 September 2015: Wall to wall ride to support police killed in action throughout Australia with riders from all over Australia bringing batons of the fallen police to the wall of remembrance in Canberra ACT Australia.
Commissioners batton

The riders converge at our showground in the northern part of Canberra with a form up and create a massive convoy of bikes that is led by contingency of VIPs with their final destination at the police Memorial.

As part of the New South Wales contingency managed to strike a deal with Austin Martin and McLaren were they got to use one of their cars as a promotional vehicle with no cost to the police except for the registration and fuel costs associated with the vehicles being in the ride.

Goulburn NSW Australia - 12 September 2015: Wall to wall ride to support police killed in action throughout Australia with riders from all over Australia bringing batons of the fallen police to the wall of remembrance in Canberra ACT Australia.
Austin Martin

The McLaren promotional vehicle for the wall-to-wall
The McLaren promotional vehicle for the wall-to-wall

A couple of the police at Golden police Academy having a closer look at the McLaren
The promotional McLaren used to create awareness for the wall-to-wall ride

As a motorcycle rider I also took the opportunity to write from here to Goldman to meet up with the New South Wales and ACT contingency and wow, what a group of people and what a collection of bikes.

I think by the end of it there were over 2000 motorcycles registered which is a great turnout and I must say a very impressive convoy to ride in. Anyone that has written in a group of bikes before should really put this on the list of things to do next year as it is fantastic and for a great cause.

Police escort for the wall-to-wall ride
Police escort for the wall-to-wall ride


At the memorial they held a brief service that lasted around 40 minutes with tributes to the fallen and the laying of the batons. It was an interesting collection of people I must say, to seem bikie is talking freely with the police Commissioners from around Australia was something of a clash in everything that I see and hear through the media, and it was great to hear their stories of mateship and how they can work together.

Wall-to-wall ceremony
Wall-to-wall ceremony

watching some of these people places batons and looking into their eyes you can see the pain never fades, the loss of a loved one at any time is devastating that loan one that is taken for doing their job. A perfect example of this is a family that was there with their generations to remember their lost love one.

New South Wales police Commissioner Andrew Scipione with the family that had lost someone in the line of duty
New South Wales police Commissioner Andrew Scipione with the family that had lost someone in the line of duty

As the memorial finished and people when about their way a lot took the opportunity to have a look over the names on the wall of remembrance and if you are in town to take some time to go have a look as it is a solemn wall just as the wall of remembrance at the Australian War Memorial is.

People showing their respects and looking at the names of the fallen on the wall of remembrance
People showing their respects and looking at the names of the fallen on the wall of remembrance

If you want have a look at the photos you’ll find them by clicking on the events menu on the left-hand side of this page where you can freely download and keep a copy of any of the images for your personal use and give these away freely as a sign of respect on my way, be it small of giving something back to the people that sacrificed everything for our safety.


Hey Looked What I Packed!!!

Check out this video that shows some the stuff I am packing for my next little adventure covering the National iAwards conference and gala awards night at the Melbourne Convention Center.

My team comprises of two photographers and an assistant at the iAwards conference and another photographer in my team covering TheMHS conference and awards to be held here in Canberra, so it promises to be a busy week here at Brendan Maunder Photography.

Now I better run as I still have to pack the car and with a 7 hour drive in front of me I think I need a coffee.  🙂

Packing the car to cover an event in Melbourne.

If you a have large event that needs to be covered by a team of experts in the field, drop me a message as I am sure we can help and we do travel. 🙂

Does Life Sometimes Feel Like Groundhog Day To You?

Just about every morning before I get up I look at what the weather is going be doing to my for the day, as it helps me plan what I am going to wear, carry and do for that day.

Is it going to be hot so I have to pack water bottles and ice creams in my portable fridges or freezing or do I need to take hot coffee?? Do I need to wear beanie or sunscreen?? Is it going to be so windy that I am going to be like Mary Poppins with all my portable lighting or still as a lake in the early morning?

These are very important questions I ask about the coming day and the days following as I need to make sure everything is taken into consideration for the success of the shoot and the comfort of the people I am working with,  be it a family, a wedding, board members of a large company, gala event, or even a conference with thousands of people attending.

Why I am telling you this by the way. 🙂

When I looked at today’s weather I noticed that it is almost identical to the same weather and time when I looked at a few days and it got me thinking.

Ground Hog Weather
Ground Hog Weather

Is it so bad that today is starting out and looking like it is going to be a repeat of the other day?  What happened the other day after I saw the weather? How did the day pan out? Was it good or bad?

All very important questions and ones I quickly asked and answered in my own head like a mad man talks to himself…. While the answers in themselves were not that amazing it was the act of self critiquing that I thought I would share. It is something that I do a lot,  after every shoot, event, or workshop I conduct.  After every meeting or interactions with key people and general people in my life.

It forms part or my personal and professional growth.

What are the areas you would like to see grow in your life and what do you do to make that happen or what first make that happen?

Are there areas in your photography that would like to improve in but not sure where to start?  Or other areas like post processing that you would like to pursue?

I would love to hear your stories as there may be things I can use or avoid in my life and business!

So please do share and comment below. 🙂

TheMHS conference 2015 – Official Photographer

We have been busy in the background working with some organisations to make sure we can cover their events and TheHMS Annual Conference for 2015 is one of those events.

It will take part in a few weeks and will be hosting the mental health awards for health professionals from all around Australia.

It will prove to be a fantastic event not only for these health professionals by allowing them to learn and share ideas that will improve metal health throughout Australia, which in turn benefit us all.  🙂

TheMHS Annual Conference
TheMHS Annual Conference – 2015