Say Goodbye to the Snow!

I would love to hear what you think of this image?

With the onset of spring and hopefully warmer weather, it’s a great time to go back to process some of the images I captured over the colder months.

This photo was taken as the sun was rising and hitting the Brindabella mountains as seen from my backyard.

The whole week was cold but not quite cold enough to get snow here in Canberra but it was cold enough to keep a good dusting of snow as you can see.

Snowcapped Brindabella mountains
Snowcapped Brindabella mountains

I figured if I can edit this photo I may as well record it so you guys can get to see the process and hopefully it will help you to improve not only a landscape photography but also your post processing.


Of course, if you want to learn more about landscape photography and post-processing keep an eye out for my workshops or send me an email.

Now onto the weekend. 🙂

Its Not All Ice Creams and Fairytales!

There are some days in this job that a fantastic, I get to meet lots of people, go to lots of parties and are generally surrounded by people that just really want to have a good time.

Unfortunately sometimes in this job there are days and events which are incredibly difficult…… When I say incredibly difficult I don’t mean technically, I mean personally and emotionally.

The event I covered today was incredibly sad. It was a celebration and a memorial of a young man that was taken in the prime of his life through a motor vehicle accident, leaving a shattered partner and a two-year-old boy behind. 🙁

I don’t know about other people or other photographers but for me being able to capture emotional images I have two put myself in their position, I try and feel what they are feeling be it sadness or happiness.

So today’s event drained a lot of internal strength and emotion, all of which I knew was going to happen beforehand, so I made a plan that after the event I would jump on my motorbike, take my camera and go to a quiet place to watch the sun go down and reflect about all the wonderful things life has to offer.

I think we will need one of these special places and while I don’t necessarily have a special place as the world is a spectacular place are ready, I do like to be able to see a fantastic sunset or sunrise so that is what I did. I raced against the failing light to get to a location where the sun was reflecting off the water and a place where I could collect my thoughts and regain the inner strength that I’d given up to the event I had just photographed.

As a sun was setting I was wishing it would never end.  It was spectacular and beautiful. The calm across the water with the ducks and swans swimming in the shallows gave a nice background to the birds singing in the trees. It was a good way to end a day, a day that was full of emotion so I thought I would share last rays of my day today with you.

Final rays over an emotional day
Final rays over an emotional day

Angry Anderson Face Recognition – FAIL!!!!

Be working through some photos over the last few days (for something different of course) and part of my workflow is to use face recognition within Lightroom to identify people within photos so they can be tagged and easily located later.

Most of my photos these days are tagged in this way since it was available in the latest version of Lightroom and in doing this Lightroom builds up a library of people which I photographed and when it evaluates a new photo it has a guess at who might actually be in the image so as to reduce the time and effort that it takes to do this face recognition and tagging.

While it does a good job at guessing I’m pretty sure that this gentleman is not Angry Anderson!!!! hahahahaha

Lightrooms guess at angry Anderson
Lightrooms guess at Angry Anderson

I guess it just goes to show the interesting people I have in my Lightroom catalogue and people that I photographed. LOL

It’s -6° and We Are Having Fun!

Wee bit ago I had the opportunity to participate in a collaboration between myself, two models (Laurynn and Rhett) , a make-up artist – Jakki from “Makeup by Jacklyne”,  Jaemi as our talented stylist from DayDream Styles and my lovely work experience assistant Emily.

Now the time of booking this photo shoot we kind of didn’t take into consideration the Canberra at this time of year gets very cold and on the very morning we shot this it was -6°. brrrrrrr

Me I was okay as I had thermals, gloves, beanie, double socks and not to mention a scarf and jacket. The poor models on the other hand were not so lucky and I must say they did a fantastic job considering it was extremely cold.

On the scene when it is -6°
On the scene when it is -6°

The make up artist was not faring so well as I was not sure she was really prepared for what was one of the coldest mornings we have had for a long time.

When I arrived on just before day break I cracked out my thermos with freshly made coffee and offered it around. To my surprise no one at that point wanted any,  what I can say after they had stood in the cold for a few hours they were more than happy to have a cupa, even if it was just to hold the hot cup. hahahahaha

The same was true for the gloves I offered to the make up artist, at first she didn’t want them but after s bit she was okay with the offer..

I must say the photos turned out really nice and the stylist did a fantastic job.  Her fiancee also needs to get an award for helping her set up the scene in the dark and freezing conditions before we showed up. 🙂

Look at how cute these guys look!
Look at how cute these guys look!

All in all it was a great day and you wouldn’t know looking at these photos that it was actually freezing!! That is the power of photography my friends….  🙂

If you are interested in having a one-of-a-kind photo shoot for your wedding or engagement drop us a line and I’m sure we can make it something very special.