Angry Anderson Face Recognition – FAIL!!!!

Be working through some photos over the last few days (for something different of course) and part of my workflow is to use face recognition within Lightroom to identify people within photos so they can be tagged and easily located later.

Most of my photos these days are tagged in this way since it was available in the latest version of Lightroom and in doing this Lightroom builds up a library of people which I photographed and when it evaluates a new photo it has a guess at who might actually be in the image so as to reduce the time and effort that it takes to do this face recognition and tagging.

While it does a good job at guessing I’m pretty sure that this gentleman is not Angry Anderson!!!! hahahahaha

Lightrooms guess at angry Anderson
Lightrooms guess at Angry Anderson

I guess it just goes to show the interesting people I have in my Lightroom catalogue and people that I photographed. LOL

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