Invest in yourself

Today is not only my birthday but it also marks a new beginning in my photographic journey. It is a day in which 2 new Canon 5D IV arrived on my doorstep to close off the final pieces in part of my photographic business plan.

It marks the day which I now have all the equipment I need to be able to shoot on location at events and the images I take are sent live across a wireless network to portable Wacom Workstation Pro table, where an assistant will process before uploading the images to either my online store or a Google Drive account where my clients can access them within minutes of the images being taken.

For competitions, I can now shoot while these images are being worked on in the background and never need to walk away from the action. Competitors can now get access to view and purchase images of themselves and their achievements within minutes, not hours, days or in some cases weeks.

Gala and awards clients will now have access to their images before the celebration drinks have been finished and allow them to capitalize on their own marketing of their events.

For weddings, the bride and groom can have access to their images in the fastest possible time as they can not be processed while we are still shooting the event.

2 Canon 5D IV's with battery grips and 64gig super fast SD Cards
2 Canon 5D IV’s with battery grips and 64gig super fast SD Cards

Over the last month, I have been investing heavily in equipment as to bring the dream of being able to delivery super high-quality professional images to you in lighting speed, speeds that are not normally associated with progressional event photography.  I know you are going to love this new service as it takes event photography to a whole new level.

Bring on a new beginning and remember to always back and invest in yourself. 🙂

Calling All Distinguished Gentlemen

Well it looks like it is time to get my stuff ready to once again photograph the DGR  (Distinguished Gentlemen s Ride) here in Canberra.  It is one of those events that is not only a fantastic photo opportunity but you get to see some of the crazy outfits and bikes that I am sure only come out of the shed this one day of the year.

Last year it was filled with lots of dapper and class so I expect this year to be the same.  For anyone that wants to come along it starts off at Joes Motorcycle in Fyshwick for breaky and then they head for a casual and gentlemen like ride around town before ending at the Kingston pub where things kind of lose the dapper. lol

If you see me wondering around slinging a camera of two, say hello and I will promise to get your photo. 🙂


Canberra Australia - 27th of September 2015. The distinguished gentleman is ride sponsored by triumph was held on a sunny day here in Canberra. This is a charity ride, whether writers pay to participate with all funds going to prostate cancer research. It started off in Braddon ACT progressed to the National Arboretum and then on to mount Stromlo roo group photo was taken before the writers headed off to the Kingston hotel for Raffles and an afternoon drink.
The distinguished gentleman ride

Eat When You Can!

In my line of work as an event and portrait photographer I get to cover a lot of events but as with every event, one thing is key…. and that is time!!!!!

You are always running around getting shots here and there, with generally little or no time to rest, drink or eat, so as I race home tonight and ready for tonight’s event I get to:

  • charge my batteries,
  • download cards,
  • swap lens
  • get changed
  • whip up Veal mignon with mushroom butter, wrapped in bacon served with veg and baked capsicum, washed down with a chocolate milkshake.  yum yum yum

What wonderful things have you whipped up for tonight’s midweek meal?

Veal Migono with mushroom butter wrapped in bacon
Veal Mignon with mushroom butter wrapped in bacon


2015 Will Be Know As The Quite Year

Going through and doing some house cleaning to cut over to a new year, I noticed that in the last year I only kept 75,504 (I delete the photos that don’t make the cut) photos and clearly I take December and January off. hahahahaha

Maybe it is too warm or I just like getting out and about in the summer. 😉

When I conduct classes and workshops people ask me what is the best thing they can do to improve their photography…. My answer is always the same… practice, practice, practice…. On average my students take around 7000 photos a year.  I personally don’t think when you are learning that 7000 a year is enough.  🙂

The more you take the more you learn and the better you become. 🙂

How many photos do you take a year?

2015 the year in review
2015 the year in review

Attention All Distinguished Gentleman!

Have you ever wanted to see hundred are so motorcyclists riding their motorcycles while looking all dapper??? Well on the weekend Canberra and around the world held the distinguished gentleman ride in support of research for prostate cancer.

Wow that is shiny
Wow that is shiny

When I was asked if I could photograph this I almost jumped out of my chair as the opportunity to capture such amazing motorcycles with the unique look of massive moustaches and dudes wearing suits was almost too much for me to bear, so goes without saying that I was looking forward to this and I wasn’t disappointed.

How dapper
How dapper

I think it was about 150 registered motorcycles there and what a collection. From the relatively new to the vintage everyone is at have a fantastic time and support a great cause and I must say my little sports bike kind of looked out of place and I think I have more plastic on my bike and the combined plastic of all the other bikes.

The grease monkey was our host the morning breakfast
The grease monkey was our host the morning breakfast

If you are a check out the rest of the images click on the events link from the menu to which you will find the gallery which has all the images. You’re free to use them as you see fit and please share and raise awareness for such a cause so next year we can have an even bigger number.

For more information have a look see at their website

Each person that attended signed the banner
Each person that attended signed the banner
Some of the bikes making their way down from the Arboretum
Some of the bikes making their way down from the Arboretum