Invest in yourself

Today is not only my birthday but it also marks a new beginning in my photographic journey. It is a day in which 2 new Canon 5D IV arrived on my doorstep to close off the final pieces in part of my photographic business plan.

It marks the day which I now have all the equipment I need to be able to shoot on location at events and the images I take are sent live across a wireless network to portable Wacom Workstation Pro table, where an assistant will process before uploading the images to either my online store or a Google Drive account where my clients can access them within minutes of the images being taken.

For competitions, I can now shoot while these images are being worked on in the background and never need to walk away from the action. Competitors can now get access to view and purchase images of themselves and their achievements within minutes, not hours, days or in some cases weeks.

Gala and awards clients will now have access to their images before the celebration drinks have been finished and allow them to capitalize on their own marketing of their events.

For weddings, the bride and groom can have access to their images in the fastest possible time as they can not be processed while we are still shooting the event.

2 Canon 5D IV's with battery grips and 64gig super fast SD Cards
2 Canon 5D IV’s with battery grips and 64gig super fast SD Cards

Over the last month, I have been investing heavily in equipment as to bring the dream of being able to delivery super high-quality professional images to you in lighting speed, speeds that are not normally associated with progressional event photography.  I know you are going to love this new service as it takes event photography to a whole new level.

Bring on a new beginning and remember to always back and invest in yourself. ūüôā

Official Red Bull Photographer – Paper Wings

Now I have to be the first to admit that I new zip about the underworld of paper planes only a month of so ago…..

Well that was until a friend of mine was telling me about this guy she knows suffered from Cancer and how he changed his life through the flying of paper planes..

His story was run on ABC’s Australian Story and I must say very inspirational. ¬†Now the cool thing about this story is that it was made into a movie….

I would urge you to go along to get both links below is it really is an amazing story.

Movie link –¬†httpbe ://

ABC Australian story link

A couple of the things I learned from this was that you just really need to let go and be happy and the other thing was…….. ¬†this business of flying paper planes is serious, real serious.

This competition is all around the world with the finalists flying to Austria to compete in the world Championships and its big business. The major sponsor is Red Bull and Qantas as the local major sponsor.

These guys compete for the longest distance, the longest airtime and aerobatics, which is also very amazing.

The camp competition is on today at the Australian Defence Force Academy here in Canberra, to which I have signed onto Red Bull to be there¬†official Canberra¬†Photographer but this even but¬†other Red Bull events….. ¬†ūüėČ

So if you are going to it make sure you say hello as the images will be distributed world wide, with the chances of them appearing¬†in and on posters around the world and even in computer games…. ¬†YAY for your face being in computer¬†games….

 The details of the event can be found here:

or here for more general information