Tell Your Mum You Love Her!

Last night one of my Facebook friends suffered a major motorbike accident where are a car pulled on in front of him at 80 kph. He is now in hospital with bleeding on the brain, busted pelvis, spinal injuries and multiple hand fractures, if he does pull through I would think he has a very long road of recovery in front of him.
This accident reminds me how fragile life is and how, what we have today, can be taken away in a heart beat.
Today is mothers day, take some time to be with or talk to your mother.  Give back some of the love attention that she showed you over the years as she too needs love and attention.
There are so many people out there, where their mothers have been taken too early and I am sure some of them would give up anything to be with their mothers on mothers day. <3
Sunset Over The River
Sunset Over The River


  1. Having a brother that rides a motorbike… and a Mother that is on the other side of the world… this makes me sad…
    Sending prayers for your friend and a Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers…

    1. People know I ride bikes and my mother hates it. She has the idea that I will be taken every time I hop on and TBH one day it just might happen and I am ok with that because I am doing what I love.

      The best thing I think we can all do is just be there for each other. This love spans many miles and great boundaries so I am sure your mother knows that you love and miss her even if she is not just across the road.

  2. Thanks. I took the photo yesterday off the phone when after 3 weeks of inside and lounge I had to get out of the house and sit by a river.

    Life puts us on a path that we could never imagine. It was only a month ago I was looking at buying his bike off him but the price just wasn’t right.

    Some could say that if paid him the extra for the bike he wouldn’t of had a bike to have the accident, or other would say if he just wanted to drop his price the same is true.

    What’s done is done and it is what it is. The reality is that we can never know how life is going to change us or how it will decide to move us down a road that we never thought was going to happen.

    For me I try and live for the moment but keep the future in sight. Be kind to the people around me and help others when i can because it could all be over before we know it.

    1. Thanks. It was nice an quite out there. Well except for the dog splashing in the water and the fish jumping.

      I am not sure I will hear anything about him until he is better as we are only FB friends and I only knew cause someone posted on his wall.

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