You Don’t Know Jack

One thing I do know is that if you don’t continue to educate yourself and actively go out and learn things you will never grow.

You become stale and the passion moves away. 

For me, I am active in many areas of my life but I must admit that my photoshop in the creative sense has not been one of the things I have been pushing so given today was a cold day outside I got messing around some photos, this being one of them. 

Fire Lady

This was a photo I took of a model a bit ago and have had it sitting in the dusty draw to one day play around with it.  Well, I guess today was that day.


When I took this photo I wanted it to be something that I can use in many different photos as the pose the model was in as I think you can agree is very generic with lots of ideas..

Lady Sitting

I mashed the photo of her with some other images and with the help of Photoshop I came up with something very different.

As with other images of this type they really don’t start with an end and just form along the way.

I am sure I will do a few more of her in different areas and scenes but really wanted to play around with fire and smoke. 

This brings me to my first point of this blog….  We all keep learning and if you don’t keep looking for things to learn be it in photography, editing or just life…..  you become stale….

Don’t be stale. 🙂

Fire Lady AFTER
Lady Sitting BEFORE


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