This Is Crap I Give Up

COVID has changed the world forever and with more free time on my hands than normal for obvious reasons I figured it was a great time to give my website a long-overdue makeover.

So I whipped off the covers, pulled out the guts and threw them out.  Employed a graphic artist to come in and change my site so it matched my vision of being a place of education and commercial photography services.

Taking the clothes of my website

You would think that building a site from the ground up was be easy and straight forward right??

Well appreantly not…  Well not when you want the ability to sell your images on my site (I currently use an external provider/website for this), have the ability to created courses that I can sell or give away, be able to have a members-only section on my site on top of this and fit into my marketing and email providers to keep people up to date on my of my site updates of promotions. 

All that has taken many months of trial and error, building my site up on the side to test and trial to see what works and what doesn’t work but I think it was well worth it.

While my site is still bare-bones it now has the foundations of all the things I have been doing over the years in my place and on my main website.

I need your help

As I look at putting content back on my site, I have taken the view that I want to put up there what YOU want to see!!!


  • I want you to TELL ME what courses YOU want me to create
  • What pages YOU want to see
  • What categories of photography YOU want
  • What types of blogs YOU want.


For example –


  • Do YOU want to get free courses on using lightroom or understanding the basics of your camera? 
  • Or maybe you just want blogs about what it’s like to be a photographer?
  • Or even black belt courses that teach YOU everything you need to know to go from zero to hero in photography so YOU can run YOUR own photography business?


The website and book are open for you to tell me.

Drop Your Comments and Ideas and Lets See What Amazing Things We Can Create.

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