Revving Up for Red CentreNATS 2023 in Alice Springs

From the 1st to 3rd of September, I’m thrilled to be photographing the iconic Red CentreNATS. Kicking off this automotive spectacle, I had the unique chance to witness the inaugural Red CentreNATS Fringe Festival last night. Car paraded their vehicles right in the heart of the town, from the bustling streets to the vibrant Todd Mall. Not only was it a visual treat for the attendees but it also provided me with a perfect moment to refine my car photography chops. Today, the real action unfolds as I snag my media pass and dive into the adrenaline-fueled world of RCN.

What’s New in Red CentreNATS 2023?

Branded as the ‘Ultimate Festival of Wheels,’ Red CentreNATS is Australia’s standout automotive festival. Thousands will gather in Alice Springs for unmatched auto-action spread across the Alice Springs Inland Dragway, Blatherskite Park, and Lasseters Centre of Entertainment.


The Fringe Festival was but a teaser. On Thursday, August 31, from 6pm-9pm, the Alice Springs CBD was transformed into a car lover’s paradise with the Red CentreNATS Fringe Festival. With food, music, and a pop-up cinema, the atmosphere was electric.


A fresh addition this year is the Motorvation Super Cruise. It’s an open invitation for all entrants to flaunt their cars, smoke their tyres, and power-skid through the Alice Springs Inland Dragway, culminating in a grand burnout pad showdown on Sunday.

But let’s not forget the RCN classics! From marvelling at the majestic rides in the Elite Shed, witnessing roaring burnouts, to being part of the renowned Yeperenye Street Parade – there’s something for every motor enthusiast.


Organized by the Northern Territory Government in collaboration with Summernats, Red CentreNATS has consistently delivered heart-racing experiences. For those eager to join the action, tickets are available with a three-day Chrome pass priced at $75. All details can be found on their official website:

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