And then he was done!

As I look back over the last few days I must say I could never of planned or even considered how my fantastic my trip was going to be.
Was it super busy?  Yes.

Did I get some fantastic photos? Yes I think so.

Did I take full advantage of my time away? Yes.

  • Meet a heap of new people
  • Caught up with people I have not see in some time
  • Had a super cool early morning tour around the rocks with a good friend
  • went walking in the rain
  • had multiple nights out 
  • Had dinner with some truly wonderful people.
  • Got a chance to really get to know some friends
  • Learned a lot
  • Hopefully enlightened others while coming across more hipsters that I would like to count. 🙂

While I was away I had some bookings come in at short notice and while I wasn’t able to help out the clients and I found support from my fellow photographers, and to them I send them my thanks.

This adventure comes to a close a new on will open tomorrow and I must say I am excited to see what and where it will take me. 

As I head home i get ready for the next asventure.