Lookout! It’s spring!

What do you get when you combine warmer weather and longer days with birds, blooms, and the occasional fresh morning? Why Spring of course! September 1st just passed and that means it’s time to get outside, breathe, and shake off cabin fever. For me, this couldn’t come soon enough – they know about you but the perfume and the smell blossoming trees in the springtime in and around Canberra brings back memories of being a child running through the bushes and trees with the amazement of the buds popping out to create new life.

I also love feeling like I can get outside more, stretch my legs, and enjoy the earlier sunrises.

Speaking of sunrises, spring is a great time for getting some awesome shots. The lighting is ideal for dramatic portraits, the street scene starts buzzing as the city wakes up from slumber, and the flowers are getting themselves ready for their annual show. Trust me, you don’t have to wait until Floriade to see gorgeous flowers—keep your eyes out for daffodils, jonquils, tulips, hyacinths, anemones, freesias, gladioli, iris and snowdrops. Another cool thing is that dawn isn’t as frightfully early as it is in the height of summer, so it’s much easier to get up and capture great shots from all that warm light, mist and dew.

With that in mind, this weekend’s theme is “Get up and get outdoors.” Let’s see your best spring photos—photos that unequivocally shout, whisper, or sidle up to you and say “It’s Spring!” The best one will, of course, be featured on this blog.

So get out there early tomorrow and over the weekend and capture the meaning and feeling of spring. He can send these to me through my multiple contact avenues have a look at my contact page for more information.

A single Poppy
A single Poppy