June! What a month of dance.

With the end of June, I look back over what was and I must say it was one of the busiest months I have ever experienced.

At the beginning of the month it took me to New Zealand where I photographed the New Zealand Salsa Congress in Wellington and then drove around the North Island to fly out of Auckland, to come home and then travel to Sydney to photograph the Australian Salsa Open over 3 days, followed back to back with the National Capital DanceSport Championships here in Canberra.

I must say while it was a very busy month it also one of the most satisfying and I learned a lot, got to try out a lot of new lighting ideas and would do it again in a heartbeat….  Well at least give me a few months to recover…  ha ha ha

One of the privileges I get as an event photographer is that I not only get to meet all the performers but I get the background information about the events and I am in awe at the dedication and commitment the people that organizer these have..

They work tirelessly for months beforehand so everyone can enjoy the event…..    So from all the performers please accept my thanks.

I would also like to thank all the performers and the people that attend these events because, without you, my photography wouldn’t be where it is today.   The dedication that you put in is outstanding…  which is why I do my best to capture your memories in such a way that brings out the emotion and feeling of the event.

So thank you….  I really do appreciate it and value and respect every one of you that stand in front of my camera, even if sometimes you don’t know I am there.  🙂

Coming from a non-dancing background I just love it how the dance community has embraced me and my photography and with your support I will continue to be there to capture your very special memories.

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Thank you all for your support and friendship.

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