National Capital DanceSport Championships – Congress

If you attended the 2014 National Capital DanceSport Championships Congress I have a special treat for you…

I am giving away all the photos from the Congress…  Why would I do such a thing?  Well easy really..  I see the future of dance and the extraordinary levels that were on display at the NCDC through the attendance of people to Congress.

The talent that was before the people was awe inspiring and I don’t dance!!!!!  I was surprised about sitting there listening to the presenters that they all had a common theme.  A theme that was not solely dance related.  They spoke about the challenges they faced and how they overcome them, they spoke about the mindset that it takes to succeed and they spoke about the commitment to give it there all even though it was tough..

This my friends was not a dance congress but a life congress.  Well done to everyone that attended as you are taking steps in the right direction to not only becoming a better dancer but a better person.

So if you did attend the congress you are free to download any or all of the images from my website.  Simply click on dance from the menu on the left then select the Congress gallery.  From there you can open the images and right-click to save them to your computer. 🙂


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