The Stomp Charity Dance Event for 2014

Each year the Latin dance community puts on a charity dance event that not only is a great night out but OMG its a dress up as well……

Now last year I popped along not know what it was all about
and was totally surprised by how professional the event was, not to mention the number of people rocking the floor.

From a strict entertainment point of view, this is a great night out…  The show that they put on is fantastic and while it comes across as a Latin dance event it is soo much more…

They have a full on night filled with performances of all sorts and last year they had like a circus of performers along with the most exceptional dancers from all styles that you could imagine…

Now one of the best things about this event is not that it is a great night out, has more than enough entertainment to fill they Sydney harbor or that it has more rock than the rolling stones…  No…  Its because every single cent raised from this event go to charity!!!!

All the organizers work for free.  The equipment is for free and I am also working for free..

Last year was a rocking year for the event and I know to talk to Mark (organizers)  has some very special things lined up for this year.

So what ever you are doing in your calender on the 26th of July go along and cancel it NOW and rebook to come along to this great night out at the Albert Hall here in Canberra.

On of forgot to mention that this years theme is Mythology so you have to come dressed up in that theme and take it from me you will only feel left out if you dont come dressed up….

What more info them pop over to their facebook site or drop me a line.

The Stomp Facebook

The Stomp Charity Event for 2014
The Stomp Charity Event for 2014


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