Late-Night Antics

One of the joys of being an event photographer here in Canberra is I get to go out to all sorts of places at all sorts of hours –  typically night hours as that is when people are having fun and I must say I just love the idea of meet lots of new friends. 🙂

During the week I had an opportunity to photograph for the lighthouse pub in Belconnen where I didnt start at 11:30 PM and photographed till 2 AM.  I must say the time went super quick and it was such a blast that I didn’t want to leave.

Girls girls girls
Girls girls girls

One of the great things of the night was the staff.  🙂  They were all so welcoming and were more than happy to help and offer locations where I could get shots from. (even though they were really camera shy)

I must say when the owner has such a smile on his face for all this clients then its a good sign you are in the right place. 🙂

It must be tough being the owner as he looks like his is really sad about his job.
It must be tough being the owner as he looks like his is really sad about his job.

Doing what he does best… and that is puring the working event photographer a water… hahahahah Thanks mate for being my model 🙂

Throwing together a drink or two
Throwing together a drink or two

Well well well.. One of the things I take very very very serious… and that is people that don’t like their photo taken….  this young lass avoided me like I had the plague….  but what she didn’t know is that before she knew I was there I got this shot…  the rest of the shots was just me messing with her head.  haha

Camera shy staff :) - She will kill me if she see this so please share. hahaha
Camera shy staff 🙂 – She will kill me if she see this so please share. hahaha

This welcoming feeling washed through the place like a tsunami and effected everyone in the place.

And off we go
And off we go

All the people that were there had such a great feel and were super happy and just loved getting their photo taken, with some just loving the idea they can take photos of others. 🙂

I shot you!
I shot you, you shot me!

If you are out and about tonight have a great time, and be kind to the photographer as they are there to make you look freaking awesome. 🙂

You have an event, party, wedding, corporate  event and need a photographer…  Drop me a line and lets see if I can help you out. 🙂


Bloody Ronald McDonald!!!!

What is that saying about working with kids and animals?????  I think you need to add Ronald McDonald to the list… ha ha ha ha

Working through my photos from last nights Ronald McDonald House Charities Lexus of Canberra Gala Ball held here in Canberra at The National Convention Center I came across this photos and couldnt help but share!!!!

I can now tick off “Get Photobombed by Ronald McDonald while shooting one of rugby leagues top cheerleading squads, The Emeralds” from my Top 10 things I need to do as a professional event photographer list…. bwhahahahaha

Here I was just clicking away and Ronald McDonald comes out of nowhere!!!!!!  BAM!!!!!!!

I love Ronald McDonald….  😉

 Ronald McDonald Photobombing a shoot with The Emeralds cheerleader squad for the Canberra Raiders at the Ronald McDonald House Charities Lexus of Canberra Gala Ball held here in Canberra at The National Convention Center
Ronald McDonald Photobombing a shoot with The Emeralds cheerleader squad for the Canberra Raiders at the Ronald McDonald House Charities Lexus of Canberra Gala Ball held here in Canberra at The National Convention Center


Its a Gala Event!!! A Ronald McDonald Gala Event!!!!

Prepping for an event is a double edged sword…  On one side you are getting excited and butterflies for the the excitement of it all  and on the other side you are going through your check list to ensure you have all the equipment to take on the event that you are going to cover.

With today’s event being the Ronald McDonald House Charities Lexus of Canberra Gala Ball held here in Canberra at The National Convention Center. It kicks off at 5 pm and will go until 2 am…….

What this means for me is given the size of the event, the use of flash as it will be dark, performances that need to be captured it will take a bit of equipment and more importantly a whole lot of flash units and batteries.

YAY for a party… I do love a good party and this one should be a cracker…

So what does an Event Photographer take on such and assignment?   Well this is a very personal thing as each photographer has their own style but this is roughly what I will be taking.

  • 1 x Canon 5D mkII
  • 1 x Canon 5D mkII
  • 1 x 70-200mm F2.8 Canon L lens
  • 1 x 24-70mm f2.8 Canon L lens
  • 3 x Speedlites
  • 3 x external battery packs for the speedlites
  • Colour correcting gels for the speedlites to balance the colour of the lights against the colour of the rooms.
  • 3 x defusing caps for the speedlites
  • 1 x remote trigger for the speedlites
  • 3 x Elinchrom Rangers Quadra packs
  • 6 x Elinchrom Rangers Quadra heads
  • 6 x Elinchrom Rangers Quadra battery packs
  • Colour correcting and theatrical gels for the Elinchrom Rangers Quadra, where I can create some unique images.
  • 2 x Remote triggers for the Elinchrom Rangers Quadra
  • 4 x light stands of different sizes
  • 6 x sandbags
  • 1 x GoPro in protective water proof case – ha ha ha….  You never do know what might happen…  😉
  • 28,321,988 x AA rechargeable batteries
  • Lens Cleaners
  • Some clips, straps, a few bags, tape, claps, etc
  • A external charging unit to keep my iphone charged so I can get Behind The Lens shots…. ha ha ha

mmmmmm  Am I missing something….  I know I wont need to pack fun as I will find it at the event…. Oh yeah my pack horse…  Now where did I put him…. ha ha ha ha

For all you Canberra Raiders fans out there I will once again be running into the best cheer squad in the League if not the country The Emeralds so stay tuned for some great photos of these fantastic bunch of ladies as they will be putting on a performance.

If you want more info on the event or just want to know more about what RMHC does, have a look on the link below.

Ronald McDonald Gala
Ronald McDonald Gala

What a day in the convoy

The weather was fantastic, the bikes were great, the trucks where huge and the music was LOUD!!!!

Well done to everyone that put on such a great event.  The crowds lined the road as we road down and around the streets of Canberra, and I even go to do some work. 🙂

Photographing Angry Anderson and the gang from Screaming Jets and Rose Tattoo.

Here is just a sneak peek at one of the shots of Angry Anderson doing this thing. 🙂


Angry Anderson signing at the Canberra Cancer Convoy 2015
Angry Anderson signing at the Cancer Support group Convoy 2015


Introducing Mr and Mrs Miller!!!!

WOW!!!!!!  What a great wedding and a great couple. The wedding went off without a hitch the bride and her entourage look spectacular thanks to Felicity (

I have worked with Felicity on a few weddings now and countless photo shoots, and I can say with complete confidence that her work is always spectacular, so I wasn’t surprised that Caroline looked a million dollars and with that dress and million dollar smile…… OMG!!!!!!

I spent some time with the ladies while they were getting ready where was capturing the feelings and emotions that bubbled up inside but not sure if it was from excitement or just the champagne. 🙂

After an hour or so with the ladies I headed off to chase down the guys get some photos of them. Paul the groom seemed relatively calm…… But that was until the time got closer and closer. He was pacing around releasing a whole heap of nervous energy which is always good sign, and I must say he looked fantastic. It was really nice to see him dressed up and full of excitement for what was going to be a really special moment in his and Caroline’s life.

I received an SMS that the girls were on their way and in true photographer fashion I started marshalling people into their locations and with not a minute to spare. The bride was coming down the road as the groom was walking to the altar.

She got out of the vintage car, the sun was gleaming over her shoulder, hitting her veil which only increased the glow which is already radiating from within her.

The feeling of anticipation,as she gazed across the manicured lawns to see her future husband was just magical. It was really very touching and one I was able to capture.

Ceremony was lovely with a lot of heartfelt emotion and tears – and that was just me… 🙂

Before we knew it we had in front of us two people which arrived as a couple but were leaving as man and wife.

Mr and Mrs Miller
Mr and Mrs Miller
The couple meeting each other at the altar
The couple meeting each other at the altar
Gazing in anticipation at her future husband
Gazing in anticipation at her future husband
The long walk down the aisle
The long walk down the aisle

I can shoot horses

For those of you that don’t know I come from an equestrian photography background. I spent many hours both in arenas and on the track and to this day I haven’t yet been run over, injured but I was a one point a little bit taken back when a rider decided to come very close to me as I was seated on the ground.

And I must say if that’s the only thing that happened to me in the years I spent sitting around these animals, that is a good thing.

I was just flicking through some old photos and came across this one and thought I would share, as it shows the strength and confidence on the rider, and I think has a really nice feel to it.

Spring Zing 2014 – Photo are up and ready for purchase.

Have you been hanging out for the Spring Zing photo for 2014?

Well wait no longer as they are up and ready for intimidate purchase.

You can get to my on-line store by clicking on the link in the menu of the left hand side of the page.

There are also packages up there if you purchase 5 of the same size images and if you want to purchase over 10 images drop me a line and we can work out a special price.  wink wink.

Spring Zing 2014
Spring Zing 2014


Latina Dance Australia Ball Behind the Lens – Boy what a night….

I covered that LDA (Latin Dance Australia) ball last night at NIDA and boy oh boy, what a performance.

The stage was fantastic, the lighting was awesome the sound was perfect but all that didn’t come close to quality of all the performances.

That should all be very proud and from what I saw and experienced late night I can see why LDA is the biggest Latin dance studio here is Sydney.

When people talked about LDA they spoke of being with their family, they spoke about being with their friends and the spoke about being at home.

This culture is very difficult to create and can only be created in the hearts and minds of the people that attend of a very loving and supportive environment.

It was really nice to see and be part of I feel very privileged and honoured to have been invites to such and event and experience.

Here is just a couple of shots from the 3000 or so images I took last night.





Now to have a quick shower and head off to the FATD souths competition that is running here at Sydney Olympic Park Sports center, where I can bring you some BHL of ballroom and Latin dances from all over Australia.

See you later and enjoy the Sydney weather as it’s going to be a fantastic day.



Spring Zing for 2014

Spring Zing is done and dusted for another year and what an fantastic event it was.  With over 250 kids all dressed in fancy dress I had my work cut out for me as they lined up in a constant stream to get their photos taken.

It was super fan and with the music pumping next to my portable studio it really went off….

Now for those of you wanted to know when the photos will be up, the will take a week or so as I am out of town for the next 5 days in Sydney covering different events up there so I wont have time to get to them until I return but looking through them now, the will be worth the wait. 🙂

Here comes the paparazzi

Well, I must say it is a bit of a turn up for the books when someone actually wants me to show up as the paparazzi.

Yes, it is true, I am attending an event this evening where it was specifically requested that instead of me hiding in the shadows taking shots of the unsuspecting victims, that I show up in the form of the paparazzi.

It should be an interesting event and I hope to share more details with you later, right now I have to go along and packed my car so I can head off into the wild blue yonder and pop speedlights in a blinding fashion faster than Spiderman and shoots a web.

Wish me luck and I’ll see you on the other side.

The Stomp Charity Dance Event for 2014

Each year the Latin dance community puts on a charity dance event that not only is a great night out but OMG its a dress up as well……

Now last year I popped along not know what it was all about
and was totally surprised by how professional the event was, not to mention the number of people rocking the floor.

From a strict entertainment point of view, this is a great night out…  The show that they put on is fantastic and while it comes across as a Latin dance event it is soo much more…

They have a full on night filled with performances of all sorts and last year they had like a circus of performers along with the most exceptional dancers from all styles that you could imagine…

Now one of the best things about this event is not that it is a great night out, has more than enough entertainment to fill they Sydney harbor or that it has more rock than the rolling stones…  No…  Its because every single cent raised from this event go to charity!!!!

All the organizers work for free.  The equipment is for free and I am also working for free..

Last year was a rocking year for the event and I know to talk to Mark (organizers)  has some very special things lined up for this year.

So what ever you are doing in your calender on the 26th of July go along and cancel it NOW and rebook to come along to this great night out at the Albert Hall here in Canberra.

On of forgot to mention that this years theme is Mythology so you have to come dressed up in that theme and take it from me you will only feel left out if you dont come dressed up….

What more info them pop over to their facebook site or drop me a line.

The Stomp Facebook

The Stomp Charity Event for 2014
The Stomp Charity Event for 2014


2014 Australian Salsa Open – Latin Solo Salsa – Photos are up!

If you attended the 2014 Australian Salsa Open – Latin Solo Salsa – in Sydney then I have fantastic news for you!!!

Your photos are now up on my website and are ready for purchase and I must say there are some cracker photos in there… So please have a look and support me by purchasing my images.  This will ensure that I come back to future events to capture more memories and your performances.

You can view them by clicking on my online shop off the menu on the left. 🙂

If you have any problems or would like to bulk purchase drop me a message/sms/call.  My contact details can be found on my contact page.

Australian Salsa Open, Canberra Event photographer, Wedding photographer
Photos of the 2014 Australian Salsa Open in Sydney are up and ready for purchase

So Who’s Going to The Australian Salsa Open This Weekend?

I know I am!!!!

Well fresh off the plane and what seemed like just the other day I was in New Zealand Photographing the New Zealand Salsa Congress, I am off to Sydney this weekend to cover the Australian Salsa Open, boy and I cant wait!!!!

I get to catch up with some friends and meet a whole heap of new ones… and the event is going to be a blast.

I had the opportunity in meeting Krin who is the organizer for the Australian Salsa Open while I was in New Zealand at the congress. Krin was over there as one of the instructors and I must say, what I super nice guy.

We got talking and one thing lead to another, he got to see me work first hand and see my work and now I am off to Sydney for 3 days.

Another hotel booking and another trip away to see more of the amazing dancers that this country has to offer.  YEAH…

Australian Salsa Open Photographer
Australian Salsa Open Photographer