Late-Night Antics

One of the joys of being an event photographer here in Canberra is I get to go out to all sorts of places at all sorts of hours –  typically night hours as that is when people are having fun and I must say I just love the idea of meet lots of new friends. 🙂

During the week I had an opportunity to photograph for the lighthouse pub in Belconnen where I didnt start at 11:30 PM and photographed till 2 AM.  I must say the time went super quick and it was such a blast that I didn’t want to leave.

Girls girls girls
Girls girls girls

One of the great things of the night was the staff.  🙂  They were all so welcoming and were more than happy to help and offer locations where I could get shots from. (even though they were really camera shy)

I must say when the owner has such a smile on his face for all this clients then its a good sign you are in the right place. 🙂

It must be tough being the owner as he looks like his is really sad about his job.
It must be tough being the owner as he looks like his is really sad about his job.

Doing what he does best… and that is puring the working event photographer a water… hahahahah Thanks mate for being my model 🙂

Throwing together a drink or two
Throwing together a drink or two

Well well well.. One of the things I take very very very serious… and that is people that don’t like their photo taken….  this young lass avoided me like I had the plague….  but what she didn’t know is that before she knew I was there I got this shot…  the rest of the shots was just me messing with her head.  haha

Camera shy staff :) - She will kill me if she see this so please share. hahaha
Camera shy staff 🙂 – She will kill me if she see this so please share. hahaha

This welcoming feeling washed through the place like a tsunami and effected everyone in the place.

And off we go
And off we go

All the people that were there had such a great feel and were super happy and just loved getting their photo taken, with some just loving the idea they can take photos of others. 🙂

I shot you!
I shot you, you shot me!

If you are out and about tonight have a great time, and be kind to the photographer as they are there to make you look freaking awesome. 🙂

You have an event, party, wedding, corporate  event and need a photographer…  Drop me a line and lets see if I can help you out. 🙂


Party Party Party!!!

I have packed the car with all my photographic goodies so I can give the party girl  a very special photography event package…  🙂

Its going to be a hoot, and I am sure to capture some really great images with my special, and exclusive version of a photobooth..

I hope you all enjoy your night and see you tomorrow when I cant wait to share some of the memories I am going to capture tonight.

Now bring it on!!!!!!

Here comes the paparazzi

Well, I must say it is a bit of a turn up for the books when someone actually wants me to show up as the paparazzi.

Yes, it is true, I am attending an event this evening where it was specifically requested that instead of me hiding in the shadows taking shots of the unsuspecting victims, that I show up in the form of the paparazzi.

It should be an interesting event and I hope to share more details with you later, right now I have to go along and packed my car so I can head off into the wild blue yonder and pop speedlights in a blinding fashion faster than Spiderman and shoots a web.

Wish me luck and I’ll see you on the other side.