Planning to execution

Back in the ACT after a great couple of days on the road photographing some very spectacular places this county has to offer and look at the weather… Very nice.

As the weekend gets closer I start to move from a planning phase of shoots to the execution of the plan.

It’s a process I go through where I mentally walk through all the notes and ideas and start moving and putting things in place for the next shoot with the idea of the following shoots.

I have a studio shoot this afternoon so as I had my studio lighting with me on the road I now have to set that up with the idea it has to be taken down again for some on location shooting early Saturday morning, and shoots in the afternoon back in the studio.

Its going to be a crazy next few weeks and after months of planning it is always good to come to the shoot as I know that we are half way through the creative process.

Have you got things planned for the weekend with such fantastic Canberra weather?



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