What a wonderful week it is going to be!!!

For the next couple of days I get to go along travel in particular part of southern New South Wales along the Victorian border that I’ve never been before.

I will get to photograph some magnificent lakes and early-morning sunrises, while partaking in a cold drink while watching the sunset over the lake. One of the other things I’ll be doing will be catching up with the model which from all accounts doesn’t normally have access to photographers given her location. It should be an interesting experience for her and I, as I have never been to the location and I believe she will be bringing a whole heap of helium balloons along for the shoot.

I’ll also be taking along a friend to not only keep me company but also I will be putting him to work. 🙂

He is a budding landscape photographe and together we will be capturing some of these sunrises, while I pass on some of my knowledge in the short amount of time we will have.
So all in all it should be a fantastic week ahead, so if you don’t hear from me please don’t worry as I’ll be enjoying the best that this country has to offer.

And I hope I’ll be able to capture some unique images and bring them back to show all, hopefully it will inspire you to get out there in the early morning visit places which you may have never thought of visiting, so you too can capture the splendour that is Australia.

Let the sun shine through!!!
Let the sun shine through!!!


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