DANGER: You Are Mine!!!

I scared the pants off my self with this shoot… ha ha ha

It was a lucky shoot as we were up in the Snowy mountains shooting a dark bride theme and we found that the ski tube was vacant……  Sooooooo what else do you do when you have a model bride, fake blood and a vacant subway….

Take bloody Zombie shots of course… ha ha ha..


DANGER: You Are Mine!
DANGER: You Are Mine!


  1. Laura De Angelis it was a specular day/weekend. I enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks for being my zombie, bride, model, friend, breakfest in bed server aka here have a bloody biscuit catch, and really good sport……

    I still have no freaking idea how you got in a river with snow and ice all around but I really do appreciate it as we got some very special shots that I don’t think will be beaten in a long time.

    Melissa Montelli time is a relative thing as we find the time for things that are important for us.

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