I Hate You Mother Nature!!!!!

Don’t you just hate it when you drive to the Snowy Mountains so you can get a shot of the Milky way above the snow away from light pollution but mother nature has other ideas and brings on the clouds…… ūüôā
Oh this image was created by 37 images and the original is a size of 18644 x 12342.
Milky Way - Snowy Mountains
Milky Way – Snowy Mountains

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DANGER: You Are Mine!!!

I scared the pants off my self with this shoot… ha ha ha

It was a lucky shoot as we were up in the¬†Snowy¬†mountains shooting a dark bride theme¬†and we found that the ski¬†tube was vacant…… ¬†Sooooooo what else do you do when you have a model bride, fake blood and a vacant subway….

Take bloody Zombie shots of course… ha ha ha..


DANGER: You Are Mine!
DANGER: You Are Mine!