It Take Courage to Fight Zombies!!!!!

Halloween night… what a great night if you are into capturing some great images as people dress up for the event.

I am just about to head out and pick up a Snake and then off to get Medusa for what will be a very cool shoot…..  Very bloody excited I must say….

Here in Canberra we have a Zombie walk on tomorrow so in preparation we have armed ourselves to defend out path of dirt….


The End Of The World And A New Beginning! - 224/366

DANGER: You Are Mine!!!

I scared the pants off my self with this shoot… ha ha ha

It was a lucky shoot as we were up in the Snowy mountains shooting a dark bride theme and we found that the ski tube was vacant……  Sooooooo what else do you do when you have a model bride, fake blood and a vacant subway….

Take bloody Zombie shots of course… ha ha ha..


DANGER: You Are Mine!
DANGER: You Are Mine!