Throw in a bit of extra into your Photography

If you are like me and just LOVE your photography, chances are that you have photographed just about everything on the planet..  Well your little planet…. 😉

And you are looking for something else to photograph.  Why don’t you throw a little bit a spice into your photography and document your life???

Yep!!!  Document your life through photos just as someone would write a diary, but instead you document using photos. Photos that represent you, photos that inspire you and photos that show feeling, passion and the love of life and photos..   😉

Take photos for the mundane, of what you might consider boring and see how you can spice them up so they bring interest.

If you want some tips and tricks pop over to my sister website Photographic Workshop where I will be going through some simple idea on how to make your images grab interest and tell a story..   but for now i’m off to enjoy my coffee with a touch of chocolate.



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