Want to know what is boring about sunsets?

In that case don’t ask me… ha ha ha

Man, I could watch sunsets everyday, and in fact I almost do when I am at home or out on set.  The beauty that is in the sun going down is only beaten by the sun coming up in the morning..

It makes me feel alive and connected with what is around me…. be it people, pets, animals, nature, country, city and my chickens…   bwhahahahah…  Sorry I was watching them free range around the yard with the sun setting and boy, oh, boy they have it tough…..

Anyways… back to my sunset….

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and that you got out, and had a bit of fun.  If you had a wedding or some other event… congrats on getting through it, as they can be stressful leading up to them, but they are a lot of fun on the day/night…

Oh one small thing… If you did have an event, how come I wasn’t the event or wedding photographer…  You know my number right??????? If not pop over to my contact page and write my number down……   😉

Till next time enjoy you Sunday night.


A wedding photographers view of a Canberra Sunset
A wedding photographers view of a Canberra Sunset

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