Work Underway!

As I write this at 5:15am the rest of the team has been well underway for at least 45 minutes and awake for much longer than that.

I have a team outside already onset building up a theme with cupboards, lights and other nice things, while the other half of the team is in makeup getting ready to be part of this wonderful looking set that is under construction!!!

With the current temperature sitting at -4 and will drop some more it looks to be for a chilly start to the day, which for me will end out with the releasing of Ballina and the end of my shooting day at 6pm tonight. 🙂

This is the life of my industry and one that people don’t see or can not understand.

It takes commitment not only from me but a team of people behind me to make the shots and a team of people that I truely do appreciate.

Today will also be a fantastic induction for one little lady into the industry as she will be my shadow today doing work experience as part of her CIT photography course, and to her I only say one thing…..  Welcome!!!!!


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