Storage storage storage!

Can anybody ever have enough storage? I don’t think so!

I know I have been putting off buying extra storage for some time now but unfortunately it has come to a point I cannot avoid it any further so I have lashed out and bought a new NAS (network access storage) that hopefully with its 48 TB of data should give me enough to keep me going for the coming years.

I must say it did take me some time to select the device as there are many out there, however, I feel the one I got is at the top of the game in the NAS arena. It is not only storage device but also serves as a server for many different applications and will allow me to stream videos and photos directly while also integrating with IP security cameras to allow real-time monitoring and alarm systems. All in all it’s a very clever little device but most of all it will allow me to ensure your photos are kept in a secure fashion where they can be retrieved and archived for longer periods of time to give you the confidence that any photos we take will not be lost.

One of the other cool things about this device is it has built-in backup to the cloud so everything that it stores locally is replicated and backed up in the cloud in a secure Google vault that is encrypted so no one can get access to it except myself in the event of a complete hard drive failure in my office. Not that this really becomes an issue anymore as I have multiple hard drives that use RAID 6 to store data which allows for up to 2 hard drives to fail at any given time while keeping the integrity of the data intact.

The only time I would need access the cloud data is in a major incident with the building burns down or someone breaks in and steals the computer hardware but that is relatively unlikely however I am prepared. πŸ™‚


Synology Diskstation DS1815+ with 8 x 6TB hard drives
Synology Diskstation DS1815+ with 8 x 6TB hard drives


Synology Diskstation DS1815+
Synology Diskstation DS1815+

If you want to know more about these crazy little devices shoot me a message and I am more than happy to share my experiences as I know buying this type of hardware is not only expensive they can be hard to manage.


    1. Its really the only way to store mass amounts of data in a fail safe way.

      This isn’t my main storage as I have 19TB in my main PC where I keep all the images I am working on and then back them up to this NAS and move them when I am not actively working on them. They will then be backed up to the cloud. the back up solutions is all taken care of by the NAS and it also has a webserver and FTP server in it so I can shoot on location and FTP the images direction to the server for other parties to post process and upload to my online shop.

    1. You can run other RAID config but i chose 6 as it gives me a much higher ability to deal with hard drive failure. 24 drives is a lot but not so much if they are 1TB drives. One of the key features I like about the Synology is that you can use drives of difference sizes and it will resize the data to the lowest drive, which makes upgrading much easier.

    2. Yep, except online raid expansion takes forever and you risk loss. But yeah ths synology boxes are good. I needed a heap of bays back in the day to get the amount of storage I wanted, running 2tb red drives. Now they have such massive hdds i could get away with a smaller box

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