The Sounds Of an Orchestra In The Outback

The Alice Spring World  Chamber Orchestra is a talented group of musicians who play a variety of instruments from around the world. Their music is a unique blend of cultures and styles, and listening to them play is an unforgettable experience. And what better way to enjoy their music than by watching the sunrise while nestled on the dry river banks at Trephina Gorge just outside of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory ?

Photographing the orchestra as they play is a challenge, but it is also a great opportunity to capture the beauty of the music and the surroundings. The soft light of the sunrise adds an ethereal quality to the photos, while the colors of the sky change and deepen with each passing moment. With the orchestra in the foreground and the gorge in the background, the resulting images are breathtaking.


Of course, it is not just about taking pictures. Listening to the orchestra play is a sensory experience that cannot be fully captured in photographs. The sound of the music in such an amazing place is awe-inspiring, and the sight of the musicians playing in perfect harmony is mesmerizing. As the sun rises higher in the sky, the warmth of the morning light blends with the music to create a truly magical atmosphere.


The experience of watching the Alice Spring World Chamber Orchestra play at sunrise while nestled on the dry river banks at Trephina Gorge is one that will stay with you forever. It is a moment of pure joy and beauty, where the music and the natural world come together in perfect harmony. Whether you are a photographer looking to capture the moment or simply someone who wants to experience the magic of the orchestra, this is an experience that should not be missed.


If you want more information about the Alice Spring World  Chamber Orchestra you can visit their website at

What a Colourful Day!

After a late night was up the crack of dawn to attend this years colour run here in Canberra. Last few years I’ve popped out there as a photographer however this she was different. This year I was a participant!

The fun and the joy that is the colour run is always something that brings a smile to my face and every other person that attends. The music and the vibe is upbeat and with volunteers along the way giving everyone words of encouragement it truly is an event for people of all fitness levels and in fact I think they should rename it to – The Colour Walk and Fun!

I’m not sure on the numbers that were there today but I would have a guess it would have been in excess of 20,000 people but it is hard to tell as the run is split over a period of time people get released in blocks to avoid a mad rush at the beginning.

After getting completely covered in coloured cornflower and bubbles I knew that I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by so what better reason to take some more photos.

This I friends is what the colour run looks like at the end!

OMG - That Was Awesome
OMG – That Was Awesome

As part of the the mandatory photography took Kit you need to GoPro and a Seflie stick.. 😉

Mandatory Tools for Colour Run
Mandatory Tools for Colour Run

Why do you need such mandatory tools??????

well it’s so you can capture some really crazy shots from a high of taking in large amounts of your environment because of the ultra wide lens.

This was just one of the stations along the way without a snow/foam making machine that pumped out tons of the stuff…..  Now if I could only get one of these for a photo shoot that would be awesome!!!!

What's a Bit of Snow between Friends
What’s a Bit of Snow between Friends

Now that you have run your ass off on what is the happiest 5 km of your life, you get to have a party and what a party it is….

Disclaimer: ok ok ok no one actually does run the colour run which is why I think they need to re-name it to the colour fun.

If you have some photos of your colour run I would love to see the as I cannot get enough of colour, glitter and the fun that is the colour run!

All that’s it for another year and I can’t wait to photograph all the action next year!

The Mad Party at the End
The Mad Party at the End