What Does The Smell Of New Studio Lights Smell Like?

Bloody awesome I would say. 🙂

Last year one of the schools I teach Photoshop, Lightroom and photography at asked for my advice on what they should get in the way of new studio lighting as their existing equipment was aging and needed replacement.

I gave them a shopping list that included 3 x Elinchrom 500, with some light modifiers that included med softboxes, umbrellas, and grids.   With stands and remote triggers I also recommend Canon 600 speedites with remote controllers, collour correction and theatrical gels.

When all the gear arrived the other week they asked me out to help them set it up and give them a quick run down of what was what and I would hate to leave them in the lurch, so I jumped at the chance. hahahahahaha

It didnt take too long to get the stuff out and put it all together giving them some tips along the way..  I did learn one tip

Where you are setting these types of lights up dont look directly into one when it is on full power from only 30cm away and make it pop…

If you are interested in lighting, Photoshop, Lightroom and photography shoot me a message as I know we can work something out. 🙂

New Elinchrom Lights With Modifiers
New Elinchrom Lights With Modifiers

Miss teen Australia entrant

I’ve been busy over the last couple weeks with one of my shots is for Noo, an entrant into the Miss teen Australia competition.

She required some nice head shots which would support her application in this competition and I must say the photos turned out really nice. Noo has fantastic long hair and with the assistance of a fan in the studio we got some nice flowing shots.

I also set up my lighting bring extra detail in life into her eyes to allow her personality to really shine and I know she’s incredibly happy with the end result.

If you’re interested see how I set these up and want to learn more pop over to my website www.PhotographicWorkshop.com.au post how-to’s.

Noo Gray images to support her entry into Miss Teen Australia 2014
Noo Gray images to support her entry into Miss Teen Australia 2014