As the sunsets over another day we look forward to tomorrow

Days end and days begin…  what makes them different it the way we look at them…

Some days we have shit days and some days we have great days… but what makes up a good day?  or for that matter a shit day?

I look out over by backyard and see this view…  It is amazing in all aspects… but it is a view that we all see and we all see must about every day of our lives… but why is it that we do not see it?

Most of the time we walk around with our eyes shut… There is soooooo much beauty in this world that we take if for granted…  We just walk through our lives not looking around and as some would say, not smelling the roses… lol

Here are my roses. 🙂

Sunset before Christmas
Sunset before Christmas



  1. Serge Linnik thank you my friend. I for-one am guilty of if. We do it all the time but he have to, or shit would never get do. Lol

    But it is important that we do take time out to just stop and stare… Relax and enjoy what life has around us.

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