Benny Wills Gala Night!

As I iron my clothes, charge my batteries, format my memory cards and back my bags for tonight gala ball I ponder at what memories I will capture tonight.  What people will I meet and what amazing stories will I hear.

The night is bound to be full of lots of laughter and tears for special young children that suffer from terminal brain cancer.  As a father it is an emotional event to cover I know all the monies raised goes into finding a cure into something that strikes down the children in our community.

I must say my team seems to becoming the kings of covering gala and corporate events here in Canberra and with my team also traveling to Sydney and Melbourne we are gaining some very valuable skills and experience in this space, and not only do we do photography we also do live internet streaming of these events.

Tonight will be no exception as we will have a photographer and our vidographer at the event to ensure we capture as much as we can do the foundation can use every bit of it to give to their VIP’s while also allowing them to promote next years event and raise even more valuable money.

Whatever you are doing tonight and no matter where you are, take a moment to think of your loves ones…  Hug them, tell them you love them and make the most of your time together as you never do know when they will be taken from your arms.

Have a great night!

Benny Wills Offical Photographer
Benny Wills Offical Photographer

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