Well Hello There!

Over the new year I was up in and around the Blue Mountains of NSW taking in this wonderful countryside while capturing some landscape photo and what an experience!!!

Waking up on new years day I rolled out of my swag to get some early morning photos before the sun decided to cover the entire area with harsh shadows as the light pieced through the trees.

Quick stroll through the campsite revealed this little fella just having is morning breakfast. 🙂

Swamp wallaby

Swamp Wallaby

These little swamp wallabies are the cutest little things you’ll ever see. They only stand around 40 cm high and have the fluffy as coats that look incredibly soft. This little chap was happy for me to snap his photo while he went about his business of foraging around the campsite.

Swamp Wallaby hanging around on the rocks around the campsite

Swamp Wallaby hanging around on the rocks around the campsite

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this campsite but after a five hour drive was happy to see the sign of what would be the place I would spend my New Year’s Eve.

Kanangra-Boyd National Park - Boyd River Campsite

Kanangra-Boyd National Park – Boyd River Campsite

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised of the quality of this campsite. It had toilets scattered throughout and had the option to either camp next year vehicle or use one of the other predefined camp spots that had established fire pits with hot plates. The location of this campsite is ideal as it is located just down the road from Kanangra Walls, which was fantastic as I got to see 2015 out while taking photos and looking out over the gorge.

The campsite also has a small hut with a very impressive fireplace, one I could see myself sitting in front of. 🙂

Boyd River Hut

Boyd River Hut

No matter how impressive the campsite and the fireplace was it really couldn’t compete to what I was about to see!!!!  The Kanangra Walls and waterfall….

If you want to see photos of the gorge and the Kanangra Walls you have to stick around for a few days as they will come in a follow-on post. 🙂

All of these photos can be purchased from my online store and come as downloads or printed. Simply click on the link from the menu.

2015 Will Be Know As The Quite Year

Going through and doing some house cleaning to cut over to a new year, I noticed that in the last year I only kept 75,504 (I delete the photos that don’t make the cut) photos and clearly I take December and January off. hahahahaha

Maybe it is too warm or I just like getting out and about in the summer. 😉

When I conduct classes and workshops people ask me what is the best thing they can do to improve their photography…. My answer is always the same… practice, practice, practice…. On average my students take around 7000 photos a year.  I personally don’t think when you are learning that 7000 a year is enough.  🙂

The more you take the more you learn and the better you become. 🙂

How many photos do you take a year?

2015 the year in review

2015 the year in review

Where Will 2016 Take You?

As the last sunsets over the evening sky for 2015 we all generally like to sit back and bot reflect on the year that has gone and look forward toward the year that is ahead.  Most of us will have grand plans of what it will be like and the amazing things we will achieve.

Most will move on from new years day with little direction toward the grand plans they made just a few hours before.


I see the world through a lens and in a series of frames, with each frame different from the next and all frames unique and can never be repeated, so if you do just one thing tonight take a photo of yourself with all the warmth of these new and wonderful grand plans you have for the year ahead, and when you lose faith or just get busy in life pull out that photo and remember…..  Remember that moment in time where you were for just a fraction of a second free to dream and become whatever you want to be.  🙂

The process of capturing a fraction in time that lasts a lifetime is an amazing thing and one I don’t think I will ever get sick of.

Now for me I will be spending tonight not alone but with the love of my life.  Under the stars with my photography 🙂

For me the night life and the crisp early mornings make for fantastic photos so I will be spending it under the stars with my camera by my side to capture one of Australian’s true wonders……  The Australian Blue Mountains.

What are you planning for tonight? and what amazing things will you be doing over the next year?

Wishing on a star, night photography, camiping, rhino rack, foxwing sunseeker

Wishing on a star

PS: If you are interesting in learning how to capture night shots like this one and the technique of painting with light let me know as I am looking and conducting some workshops if the interest is there. 🙂

Technical Info:

  • Exposure: 30 seconds
  • Aperture: 2.8
  • Focal Length: 24 mm
  • Lighting: Used a flash light to paint the trees and everything in the foreground.

Photobomb Award For 2015 Goes to…..

A mate of mine put some extra bling on his bike and spend forever washing it I had to photograph it, so I asked him to bring his bike to my place as we could get a couple of quick snaps out the front of my place.

When he showed up there was a party going on just a few houses down the street and a heap of young blokes were out the front having a bit of fun.  Seeing us on the road triggered the peanut gallery.

As an event photographer and one that takes my studio out on location and generally in very populated areas I am used to the peanut gallery so I didn’t pay any attention to it, that was until the ultimate photobomb of 2015.  hahahahahaha

I don’t think I really need to have to explain it….  All I can say is that we all had a huge laugh and the gent in question apologized on his run back. 🙂

Photobomb streaker

Photobomb streaker

Time To Relax

Christmas holidays are all about relaxing for me.  Some like to hang out with friends & family and some like to hit the tourist places.

I spend a lot of the year at events, parties and with lots and lots of people I didn’t know before the event, so for me this time of the year is about hiding and getting away from it all.

Spending time getting back to nature and grounding my soul for the year ahead.

It’s about having and giving myself time so I can in turn give that back through my work.

What do you do this time of year?

Kicking back and relaxing

Kicking back and relaxing

With The Sounds Of Christmas Fading

It makes for a great time to get out and capture all the Christmas lights while they are still around. 🙂

Christmas lights and lights in general can be hard to capture especially if you want to also capture a person or some other subject that is not lit up by the lights.  The resulting images will be that the either the subject will be dark or the lights will be over exposed.

The trick is to use some form of flash to light up the subject so that you can even out the exposure across the entire image and in doing so reduce the contrast between dark and light.  There are lots of ways to do this and some I will go into in the coming weeks.

If you are just out to capture the lights you may not need a tripod but it is a good idea if you are after sharp images due the the camera needing to open the shutter longer than you can hold the camera steady for.

What I tend to do is go out and give it a try.  I start with hand holding and then move toward using other supporting devices if the need arises.

Why?  because then I can travel lite and I have less equipment to get in peoples way.  After all they are also there to experience the joy that is Christmas lights.

So before the lights fade away for another year, grab your camera and head out to capture some lights.  Experiment a little, play with your shutter and aperture and just have a bit of fun.

Out to capture some Christmas lights

Out to capture some Christmas lights


Welcome To The Weekend!!!!

The weekend is finally here and what a glorious weekend it is set to be. The weather here in Canberra is going to be in the high 20s with some cloud cover to keep the harsh some way.

One of the great things about living in the bush capital of Australia is that it’s only a short drive you are surrounded by magnificent eucalypt trees, native grasses and not to mention the Australian animals like kangaroos and wallabies.

Last weekend I packed the truck with my camping, camera and fishing gear to head to a place called McIntyre’s Hut and Flea Creek, and if there was something I learned it was that I much better at taking photos that I am fishing. 🙂

I could see the fish and even when dangling the bait in front of their little faces I still couldn’t catch shit!!!!!! hahahahaha  So I cracked out a few beers and put my camera to work instead.

What is it that you have planned this weekend?

Rhino rack, Pioneer tray, FoxWing, sunseeker, four-wheel-drive, Brindabella ranges

Standing on my Rhino Rack Pioneer tray to get the shot of waterfall trail at the back of the Brindabella ranges.

How do you photograph a car wreck using speedlites?

This Sunday I am predicting that there will be a car wreck here in the south of Canberra, and I will be there photograph it, will you?

Lighting subjects can be a daunting affair and lighting something like a car wreck is like trying to tight rope walk across the Grand Canyon while blindfolded.  It can be very scary and full of danger.

  • So how do you even approach such a thing?
  • What are the lights and techniques you can use to light both the inside and outside of the car?
  • What are the tools you need to use to pull this off?
  • How can you control the different lights to bring the image to life or focus on areas that you bring to life?
Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT

Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT

My half a day one off lighting workshop this Sunday will answer just these questions and more like:

  • What is the best camera setting for using lights on location?
  • What limitations does lighting bring to a photo?
  • What problems will you come across shooting on location using multiple lights?
  • What is High Speed Sync and when/why should I use it?
  • How to use colored Gels on your lights to change the look and feel of your images?

This workshop will focus on lighting a car wreck and it will be on-location. Limited places and incredible value at just $49 so you will have to be quick to secure your spot in what will be a jam packed workshop.

For only $49 this half day offers incredible value and with limited spots they are sure to go fast.

For more information and to secure your spot before its too late email/SMS me using my contact details on my website

Anyone Got Any Spare Speedlite?

With a free afternoon it is a good time to go out on location with a couple of speedlites and light modifiers to try out a few ideas that have been bouncing around in my head. yay for having some creative time. 🙂

These little lights are great for all sorts of things and give us as photographers great flexibility and creativity.   You can stick them in all sorts of location and put light modifiers on theme like umbrellas.

Do you struggle with using speedlites?  If so what do you find the hardest thing to understand?

Canon speedlites

Canon speedlites

Who Doesn’t Garden?

I managed to get out of the house and get into the garden this afternoon after processing 1300 photos from the wedding I captured yesterday and I must sayit was nice to get the sun on my skin, get my hands dirty will also planting seeds which will not only bring me food but also flowers which I can put in my front yard that always bring a feeling of happiness to my soul.

And I must say, what sort of photographer would be if I didn’t take photos of my super impressive gardening. hahahahahaha

The plans are growing

The plans are growing

Do you garden?

If so please send some photos as I’d love to see what you’re doing.

Attention All Distinguished Gentleman!

Have you ever wanted to see hundred are so motorcyclists riding their motorcycles while looking all dapper??? Well on the weekend Canberra and around the world held the distinguished gentleman ride in support of research for prostate cancer.

Wow that is shiny

Wow that is shiny

When I was asked if I could photograph this I almost jumped out of my chair as the opportunity to capture such amazing motorcycles with the unique look of massive moustaches and dudes wearing suits was almost too much for me to bear, so goes without saying that I was looking forward to this and I wasn’t disappointed.

How dapper

How dapper

I think it was about 150 registered motorcycles there and what a collection. From the relatively new to the vintage everyone is at have a fantastic time and support a great cause and I must say my little sports bike kind of looked out of place and I think I have more plastic on my bike and the combined plastic of all the other bikes.

The grease monkey was our host the morning breakfast

The grease monkey was our host the morning breakfast

If you are a check out the rest of the images click on the events link from the menu to which you will find the gallery which has all the images. You’re free to use them as you see fit and please share and raise awareness for such a cause so next year we can have an even bigger number.

For more information have a look see at their website

Each person that attended signed the banner

Each person that attended signed the banner

Some of the bikes making their way down from the Arboretum

Some of the bikes making their way down from the Arboretum

A Bit of Fashion and a Bit of Fun.

Last night as you know I covered the fashion show held at the DLA Piper offices here in Canberra.  This fashion show was put on and in support of the UNICEF global challenge in which Brodie Williams from the firm is participating.

Our stunning models for the evening

Our stunning models for the evening

It goes without saying that the event was a hit and raised much-needed funds for the charity but for me one of the highlights is when Brodie was addressing the audience and giving stories of what she is going to expect in her trip. She seemed little put off with the fact that she would have to be camping, and she hates camping but there will also be baboons that may or may not attack the group of walkers. Never fear some comfort was insured as they will be shadowed by two rifleman to ensure the safety and I was given the impression she wasn’t exactly sure what these rifleman would be doing. hahahahaha

Brodie being a little bit unsure about the rifleman

Brodie being a little bit unsure about the rifleman

One of the other things I noticed is that even though DLA Piper our law firm most of the people I spoke that worked for them actually had a personality. Ok Ok Ok I am only joking please don’t sue me…

Brodie telling tales of what to expect

Brodie telling tales of what to expect

In between the sets and for the entire show we had the talented drum assault bashing out their African tunes which I must say is very fitting considering the charity this event supporting.

I kept the crowd entertained with their unique style and at times getting the interaction of some the people watching the show. Dan Graetz is the group manager in the main lead and a must say his his small and enthusiasm was infectious, so thank you my man. 🙂

Drum Assault doing their thang.. :)

Drum Assault doing their thang.. 🙂

The talented hair stylist fresh back from NYC fashion week

The talented hair stylist fresh back from NYC fashion week

Fashion in the office

Fashion in the office

Fashion in the office

Fashion in the office

A bit of fun before the show

A bit of fun before the show

If you want to check out all the other photos they are now ready for viewing by clicking on the event link. Feel free to download and use these photos as you see fit and please support UNICEF in helping making this world a better place.

Of course if you need an event photographer here in Canberra on fact Sydney or Melbourne to cover your corporate event please feel free to drop me a line as I’m sure we can help out.

Quick post while I process photos. :)

Going through some of the photos from tonight and I thought I would post up a quick photos of one of the models from tonight, Marissa. 🙂

Great work my dear you killed it out there and looked amazing as did all the models. <3

Catwalk Fashion

Catwalk Fashion

Do you love fashion! – Official Photographer

Fashion meets charity tomorrow night with the DLA Piper UNICEF Global Challenge Fashion Show Ethiopia on at Kingston where I will be there as the official photographer on the night to capture the glamour and gilts.

The night is being put on by a friend of mine Brodie Williams who is a Canberra Model also a Lawyer which for most does seems a little be at polar ends but I can assure you, if you needed a lawyer you would want Brodie in your corner.

 DLA Piper UNICEF Global Challenge Fashion Show Ethiopia

DLA Piper UNICEF Global Challenge Fashion Show Ethiopia

You can book your tickets or get more information here:

Hope to see you there. 🙂

Benny Wills Photos Are Up!

Boy oh boy what another fantastic event the Benny Wills Gala night was!

It was as I predicted –  full of fun, laughter and tears.  This year was different the the time I photographed this event two years ago.  Last time there was only one researcher working on a cure, with no progress, this year they have 9 researchers and have grown the tissues in the lab and have come up with a way to slow down the progress of the cancer.    This is an amazing thing for the families effected by this and I hope progress continues.

I setup a studio photo booth at the back of the room with some props so people could swing past when I had my lights on and get a few rando snaps and boy I did get some great shots…  lol

Some of the people that attended my studio photo booth to have a bit of fun.

Some of the people that attended my studio photo booth to have a bit of fun.

There was of course a serious side to all of this with the formal part of the evening with the stories and pictures of the children displayed up on the big screen.

Research is vital

Research is vital

Listening to the stories and watching the raw emotion spill out over the floor was very touching and showed the personal effect it has one everyone.

Welcome the VIP's

Welcome the VIP’s

All in all I think it was a successful night and I cant wait for next years gala event where i will once again offer up my time for free to support such a cause.

If you want to have a look at all the photos of the night you can see them from the events menu on the left hand side of this screen.

NOTE:  If you find yourself in them you have my full permission to download and use these images for your personal use. 🙂


Benny Wills Gala Night!

As I iron my clothes, charge my batteries, format my memory cards and back my bags for tonight gala ball I ponder at what memories I will capture tonight.  What people will I meet and what amazing stories will I hear.

The night is bound to be full of lots of laughter and tears for special young children that suffer from terminal brain cancer.  As a father it is an emotional event to cover I know all the monies raised goes into finding a cure into something that strikes down the children in our community.

I must say my team seems to becoming the kings of covering gala and corporate events here in Canberra and with my team also traveling to Sydney and Melbourne we are gaining some very valuable skills and experience in this space, and not only do we do photography we also do live internet streaming of these events.

Tonight will be no exception as we will have a photographer and our vidographer at the event to ensure we capture as much as we can do the foundation can use every bit of it to give to their VIP’s while also allowing them to promote next years event and raise even more valuable money.

Whatever you are doing tonight and no matter where you are, take a moment to think of your loves ones…  Hug them, tell them you love them and make the most of your time together as you never do know when they will be taken from your arms.

Have a great night!

Benny Wills Offical Photographer

Benny Wills Offical Photographer

Wall to Wall Photos Are up. :-)

Before I start what I’d like to say if you can please share this post to not only create awareness but also get these images out to the people that participated in the ride as most would never even know I was there nor would they know that they can freely get access to these photos.!

Last weekend I covered the wall-to-wall motorcycle ride, this ride is a memorial ride the police that have been killed in duty.

Wall-to-wall remembrance ride

Wall-to-wall remembrance ride

It’s an interesting ride as it starts many months before we each of the police Commissioners and over a wooden bat and tour rider for them to deliver it to the ceremony that is held at the police Memorial here in Canberra. Within each of these patterns is a scroll, this scroll holds the names of the officers that have been killed since the last memorial and it was nice to hear that none of these patterns contained any names.

Police Memorial Canberra ACT Australia - 12 September 2015: Wall to wall ride to support police killed in action throughout Australia with riders from all over Australia bringing batons of the fallen police to the wall of remembrance in Canberra ACT Australia.

Commissioners batton

The riders converge at our showground in the northern part of Canberra with a form up and create a massive convoy of bikes that is led by contingency of VIPs with their final destination at the police Memorial.

As part of the New South Wales contingency managed to strike a deal with Austin Martin and McLaren were they got to use one of their cars as a promotional vehicle with no cost to the police except for the registration and fuel costs associated with the vehicles being in the ride.

Goulburn NSW Australia - 12 September 2015: Wall to wall ride to support police killed in action throughout Australia with riders from all over Australia bringing batons of the fallen police to the wall of remembrance in Canberra ACT Australia.

Austin Martin

The McLaren promotional vehicle for the wall-to-wall

The McLaren promotional vehicle for the wall-to-wall

A couple of the police at Golden police Academy having a closer look at the McLaren

The promotional McLaren used to create awareness for the wall-to-wall ride

As a motorcycle rider I also took the opportunity to write from here to Goldman to meet up with the New South Wales and ACT contingency and wow, what a group of people and what a collection of bikes.

I think by the end of it there were over 2000 motorcycles registered which is a great turnout and I must say a very impressive convoy to ride in. Anyone that has written in a group of bikes before should really put this on the list of things to do next year as it is fantastic and for a great cause.

Police escort for the wall-to-wall ride

Police escort for the wall-to-wall ride


At the memorial they held a brief service that lasted around 40 minutes with tributes to the fallen and the laying of the batons. It was an interesting collection of people I must say, to seem bikie is talking freely with the police Commissioners from around Australia was something of a clash in everything that I see and hear through the media, and it was great to hear their stories of mateship and how they can work together.

Wall-to-wall ceremony

Wall-to-wall ceremony

watching some of these people places batons and looking into their eyes you can see the pain never fades, the loss of a loved one at any time is devastating that loan one that is taken for doing their job. A perfect example of this is a family that was there with their generations to remember their lost love one.

New South Wales police Commissioner Andrew Scipione with the family that had lost someone in the line of duty

New South Wales police Commissioner Andrew Scipione with the family that had lost someone in the line of duty

As the memorial finished and people when about their way a lot took the opportunity to have a look over the names on the wall of remembrance and if you are in town to take some time to go have a look as it is a solemn wall just as the wall of remembrance at the Australian War Memorial is.

People showing their respects and looking at the names of the fallen on the wall of remembrance

People showing their respects and looking at the names of the fallen on the wall of remembrance

If you want have a look at the photos you’ll find them by clicking on the events menu on the left-hand side of this page where you can freely download and keep a copy of any of the images for your personal use and give these away freely as a sign of respect on my way, be it small of giving something back to the people that sacrificed everything for our safety.


The Lost Indian!

A portrait session I did some time ago where I got to capture a whole heap of new faces with some terrific looks and talent.

The original image of the image below was submitted to the client with limited amount of postprocessing as they required it to be as close to as shot as possible as it was being used for their assessment in their make-up course. Now me being me I tend to go back through my images and play around with different ideas and postprocessing and this is one of those images.

The Lost Indian

Photographing at the Canberra Makeup Academy for one of their assessment nights.


Boy what a week.  Two major events completed in two different states, it took three of my photographers including myself and our assistant but WOW what a awesome week…… It was sooooo worth starting at 8 am and finishing way after midnight for almost the entire week.

Met a lot of really interesting people over the last week with one of them being Dave (Hughesy) Hughes as he was the MC at the iAwards and what a great entertainer he is. The crowd just loved him to bits and he kept the action going to schedule.

Mate!!!!!!! Just hanging with David (Hughesy) Hughes at the iAwards

Mate!!!!!!! Just hanging with Dave (Hughesy) Hughes at the iAwards

I just love event photography as I always get to meet a whole heap of new people but at the iAwards I had the opportunity to also get to meet a heap of CIO’s and managing directors for companies like Microsoft, Intel, Optus, Telstra and Deloitte, along with a heap of small business owners.

With around 6000+ photos to work through from the event which should keep me out of trouble for a little bit – be it a day or so.

If you are looking for an event photographer for a major event drop us a line as we have the team that will ensure you get the shots even under the most difficult situations. It doesn’t matter to us where your event is as we do travel or how large or small it is as my team will size up or down as you need. 🙂

The MHS Awards – Photos are up. :)

With The MHS Conference and awards held today we had the honor and opportunity to capture the proceedings and the lucky winners of such awards.

There was a great vibe and with a whole lot of happy faces with all the photos up on our online store that can be found off the menu on the left hand side.

If you have any issues let me know. 🙂

The MHS Awards

The MHS Awards