The Calm Before The Storm

Tonight my team and I sit looking  over the heart of Melbourne and admire the view from our room while we chat about what tomorrow will bring and our plan of attack.

For tomorrow we are going to photograph the national iAwards convention and the following Gala event at the Convention Center in Melbourne where they will hand out the national ICT awards to the Australian finalists .

The day for us will start at 8am when we get on location to start setup for the day where we will erect our portable studio to get media shots throughout the day of the convention. We have a full day ahead as we capture the convention and the different rooms and sponsors along with the VIP areas and networking that is the life blood of such an event.  The day will finish with us capturing the Gala event where they will hand out the iAwards for this year and close at midnight.  We should get back to the hotel room at around 1am where I will have to process the media shots of the day so they are ready for media release by 6am.  🙂

So to say that tomorrow is going to be a big day is kind of an understatement but boy it will be a fantastic and we are all itiching to get into it…. but for now we look out the window and enjoy the quiet before the storm. 🙂

Melbourne iAwards Convention and Gala Event

Melbourne iAwards Convention and Gala Event

The Cost Of Taking Your Photos.

There is lots to say on the subject of the cost to run a photography business so I thought I would share the cost of what I have in front of me.

I am running out of space on my storage and need to buy some more hard drives.  Now the problem is I can not put any more storage in my main PC so I will need to purchase an additional storage unit where I can move the images from my main PC to.  Doing some investigation the unit to do this will cost me anything from 1,000$ that will hold 8 hard drives or around 1,800$ for one that will hold 12 hard drives. The cost of hard drives is around 500$ each.  Yes I can by cheaper drives and a cheaper unit but I value your images more than that so I buy the best equipment to ensure your photos are safe. 🙂

Lets run the figures – If I wanted to buy and fill the 1,000$ unit it would then cost me 4,000$ in drives that makes it a 5,000$ purchase, for the 1,800$ unit it would cost me $7,800. Yay!!!!!!

So when you ask me how much are my photos are, I hope this will gives you some understanding as to why I do not do it for free and why my services do not cost the same as your mate Joe who has a camera and used it once.  🙂


I think I need more hard drive space.

I think I need more hard drive space.

Good night….

Oh wait a second……

Who said the night life in Canberra was boring, especially on a Wednesday night!!!! hahahahaha

Just when I thought I was going to have a early night  tonight I get a message from one of my clients to come and photograph at one of their clubs from 10:30 tonight till late.

So as I pack my camera gear and flash units let me ponder this statement!

There is no rest for the wicked!!!

Have a great night and I hope to catch up with some of you tonight. 🙂

Canberra Event Photographer at event

No Rest For The Wicked

Take Advantage Of Man Flu!!!!

The last week or so I have been struck down the the dreaded man flu; one of the worst strains of flu around.  Much more potent than the general sniffles and sneezing…with full on delusions and rash decisions that come with man flu are the only way I can explain why I am putting on a full day photography workshop this Sunday the 21st Aug with the beginner in mind that will either be FREE or very very very cheap…….

I must be sick to be giving away a half day beginners guide to portrait photography workshop

I must be sick to be giving away a half day beginners guide to portrait photography workshop

ok ok ok before I go on let me tell you exactly what I am doing.

This Sunday the 21st of Aug I will be running two half day workshops.

Beginners Guide to Portrait Photography – 9am to 12:30pm

The first half I am putting on for FREE, nothing, nada, zip, zilch ZERO!!!!!!  This first half is for people that want to start photographing people but don’t really know where to start or what to do.  After all, how do you go about asking what things you can do to make the photo look better, when you’re not quite sure what to ask?

How do you extract the best out of a person and what is there to extract?

How do I know what best suits the person I am about to photograph and how do I make them feel comfortable and relaxed so I can get the best photograph?

What types of poses make different people look great and is there a difference between the sexes when it comes to posing?

Where should I stand or where should they stand?

If you have asked yourself these types of things then this morning workshop is for you.

Cost: Man Flu has taken hold and affected my better judgement so this work is FREE

Beginners Guide to Photographic Lighting – 1pm to 5pm

The second half of the day will talk you through What Lighting Is, how it effects us as photographers and how you can take control of it.

If you have ever asked yourself questions like:

How can I use flash when I don’t want to make everything bright?

I hear a lot of photographers hate flash!! Why?? Why are you teaching it if it is so bad?

When is the best time to use flash?

What types of flash are there and when is one better than the other?

Are there any things I need to know about flash photography that I can use every time?

Is photographic lighting just using flash?

Cost:  $49 Per Person – Yeah I know I must be really sick if I am only charging $49 per person for what would usually be much more, clearly my high fever is affecting my common sense.

While there’s clearly something wrong with me to be doing this, there’s nothing wrong with what i’m offering:  a FREE workshop and another stupidly cheap.  Come to one of come to both its up to you!

$49 is fantastic value for a full day of beginners workshop and one I don’t think I will ever repeat.   If you were ever going to go to a beginners photography workshop then now is the time or you may miss out forever once I come to my senses!

Numbers will be strictly limited so you must get in super dooper quick if you want to take advantage of this outrageous offer!

The ONLY way to book is to send an email to letting me know which workshop or both you want to attend and I will send you a confirmation email with further details.

Don’t wait a second longer or you will miss out.

I Hate You Mother Nature!!!!!

Don’t you just hate it when you drive to the Snowy Mountains so you can get a shot of the Milky way above the snow away from light pollution but mother nature has other ideas and brings on the clouds…… 🙂
Oh this image was created by 37 images and the original is a size of 18644 x 12342.
Milky Way - Snowy Mountains

Milky Way – Snowy Mountains

Want to know how to take these types of shots? Shoot me a message as I conduct workshops that walk you through the process of capturing and processing these images.

I Will Sleep Well Tonight Because I Have a Blanket!

Every year St Vincent de Paul helped thousands of people within Canberra and around Australia. This requires thousands of dollars in funds to keep this going, the motorcycle community both here in Canberra and around Australia pitching a few times a year to go along and help with donations and support. Tomorrow is one of their major ways in which they can help the unfortunate.

Tomorrow is the St Vincent DePaul blanket on the ground in Canberra were motorcyclists bring donations of blankets and other warm clothing which St Vincent de Paul handout or sell to assist people that are in need.

Myself and my daughter will be there to support what is a fantastic motorcycle community and to help less fortunate in any way we can. I will be there as an event photographer to capture the moments and give them back to the people which have given up their time and money and blankets to help other people in need.

If you are motorcyclists living in Canberra I urge you to come a all long to the blanket run which starts at 8:30 AM at old Parliament.

Here are just some of the photos which I took last year!

The Salvation Army ‎ Blanket ride 2015 held at the old parliment house in Canberra. It raised around $4000 from the Canberra Motorcyle community

The Salvation Army ‎ Blanket ride 2015 held at the old parliment house in Canberra. It raised around $4000 from the Canberra Motorcyle community


The Salvation Army ‎ Blanket ride 2015 held at the old parliment house in Canberra. It raised around $4000 from the Canberra Motorcyle community

The Salvation Army ‎ Blanket ride 2015 held at the old parliment house in Canberra. It raised around $4000 from the Canberra Motorcyle community


The Salvation Army ‎ Blanket ride 2015 held at the old parliment house in Canberra. It raised around $4000 from the Canberra Motorcyle community

The Salvation Army ‎ Blanket ride 2015 held at the old parliment house in Canberra. It raised around $4000 from the Canberra Motorcyle community

The Salvation Army ‎ Blanket ride 2015 held at the old parliment house in Canberra. It raised around $4000 from the Canberra Motorcyle community

The Salvation Army ‎ Blanket ride 2015 held at the old parliment house in Canberra. It raised around $4000 from the Canberra Motorcyle community


The Salvation Army ‎ Blanket ride 2015 held at the old parliment house in Canberra. It raised around $4000 from the Canberra Motorcyle community

The Salvation Army ‎ Blanket ride 2015 held at the old parliment house in Canberra. It raised around $4000 from the Canberra Motorcyle community

What Does The Smell Of New Studio Lights Smell Like?

Bloody awesome I would say. 🙂

Last year one of the schools I teach Photoshop, Lightroom and photography at asked for my advice on what they should get in the way of new studio lighting as their existing equipment was aging and needed replacement.

I gave them a shopping list that included 3 x Elinchrom 500, with some light modifiers that included med softboxes, umbrellas, and grids.   With stands and remote triggers I also recommend Canon 600 speedites with remote controllers, collour correction and theatrical gels.

When all the gear arrived the other week they asked me out to help them set it up and give them a quick run down of what was what and I would hate to leave them in the lurch, so I jumped at the chance. hahahahahaha

It didnt take too long to get the stuff out and put it all together giving them some tips along the way..  I did learn one tip

Where you are setting these types of lights up dont look directly into one when it is on full power from only 30cm away and make it pop…

If you are interested in lighting, Photoshop, Lightroom and photography shoot me a message as I know we can work something out. 🙂

New Elinchrom Lights With Modifiers

New Elinchrom Lights With Modifiers

Tell Your Mum You Love Her!

Last night one of my Facebook friends suffered a major motorbike accident where are a car pulled on in front of him at 80 kph. He is now in hospital with bleeding on the brain, busted pelvis, spinal injuries and multiple hand fractures, if he does pull through I would think he has a very long road of recovery in front of him.
This accident reminds me how fragile life is and how, what we have today, can be taken away in a heart beat.
Today is mothers day, take some time to be with or talk to your mother.  Give back some of the love attention that she showed you over the years as she too needs love and attention.
There are so many people out there, where their mothers have been taken too early and I am sure some of them would give up anything to be with their mothers on mothers day. <3
Sunset Over The River

Sunset Over The River

The Night before the Dawn!

101 years ago on this ANZAC day eve there was thousands of Australian and New Zealand men ordered to board ships and take hold of what was Gallipoli but in reality it was one of the ANZAC’s major defeats.

I look at this photo some time ago and it shows the peacefulness of the sunset also the hectic and fire of nature

The ANZAC’s must have been going through a similar thing. The orders were to take Turkish land must of been a standard order until they hit ground where they were fired upon by multiple machine-gun posts that they were unaware of.  The battle turned into what was a prolonged and devastating offensive on both sides it became our pinnacle of hope through ANZAC Day.

Without the sacrifices of these men in this battle and  every battle before and every battle after we would not have our way of life. The ANZAC spirit is built into the Australian culture, they are us and they always will be, for we are a nation that is not afraid to fight, we are not afraid to die for what we believe is right and that is true today as it ever was.

Tomorrow attend ANZAC Day memorials, respect and love our country and respect and love your family but remember and pay back to the ones that gave up everything and the ones that continue to do so even today.

Spend some money on 2-up and have fun,  if you see anyone with metals be it theirs or the relatives show them the respect which they deserve, have a conversation, ask them about their history as am sure you will find some amazing stories.

RIP our ANZAC’s and Let’s We Forget!

A sunset to remind us of the sacrifices of the Anzac's

A sunset to remind us of the sacrifices of the Anzac’s

Behind the Computer Once Again

In my business people have an idea that we spend all our time photographing but the reality is that we spend most of our time sitting in front of a computer screen. 🙁

Today was one of those days but I must say I learnt a lot, made a heap progress with some ideas I have bashing around my head and I got to capture a fantastic sunset.

How was your day?

What a Way to End a Mentally Draining Day

What a Way to End a Mentally Draining Day

Happy Easter From My Australian/Bilby Family To Yours!

Oh thank God it is Easter once again!!

I don’t know about you but I like the Easter holidays even though they only four days long, it’s a great time of the year to get out about spent time with the family. It’s not too hot and is not too cold is so the risk of being burnt to a crisp in the Australian sun is somewhat on our side.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family happy Easter and I hope you spend today relaxing with family, eating a shit ton of eggs and chocolate and if you can do one thing today. Put down the phone, turn off the Internet and spend some quality time with the people that you love!

Be safe and I’ll see you on the other side! 🙂

Easter Bunny versus the Australian Bilby

Easter Bunny versus the Australian Bilby

Nice…. A Day and Night Off to Sit Back and Relax!

With a shoot that was postponed as the client had to go away I had the day to myself to relax and catch up with house duties…  yay for a day off!!!!!

With half of the day cleaning and shampooing carpets and the other half watching “Highway Thu Hell” on Netflix which I think I am addicted to (thank god there is only 23 episodes)  I grabed a wine and watched the sun set from my back door.  🙂

And That Ends Another Day!

And That Ends Another Day!

I feel so relaxed that I think I am ready what another week…. Except tomorrow is a public holiday in Canberra, oh well what ever will I do with my time…… 😉

I know how about I organize a 5 hour shoot with a model, makeup artist and agent on a private farm, where we can capture natural and free spirit images.

If you have to work tomorrow have fun but those of us in Canberra will be enjoying the day and thinking of you…. ok ok ok maybe not..

Eat When You Can!

In my line of work as an event and portrait photographer I get to cover a lot of events but as with every event, one thing is key…. and that is time!!!!!

You are always running around getting shots here and there, with generally little or no time to rest, drink or eat, so as I race home tonight and ready for tonight’s event I get to:

  • charge my batteries,
  • download cards,
  • swap lens
  • get changed
  • whip up Veal mignon with mushroom butter, wrapped in bacon served with veg and baked capsicum, washed down with a chocolate milkshake.  yum yum yum

What wonderful things have you whipped up for tonight’s midweek meal?

Veal Migono with mushroom butter wrapped in bacon

Veal Mignon with mushroom butter wrapped in bacon


I WONDER What the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Will Be like

Tonight is the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney. It is an event like no other and captures the fascination and excitement of many while drawing in hundreds of thousands of people to line the streets of central Sydney.

Some people attend and participate in the atmosphere and some attend and participate because it is a hell of a lot of fun.

Tonight will be something different……  among the hundreds of floats there will be a float covered Wonder Women…  Yep if you ever had something for Wonder Woman then this is a must see…

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

This float like many others is there to have fun and enjoy the night but it also has a very serious purpose. They are raising valuable money for the National breast Cancer foundation (

I am sure we can all agree Brest Cancer takes the lives of way to many women…  It takes out mothers, wife’s, girl friends sisters and friends.  It does not discriminate and it not only effects the people that a diagnosed with it but all the family and friends.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

So if you’re watching or participating in the Mardi Gras this year keep an eye out for the Wonder Woman float and throw a bit of love and money their way as they really out to bring awareness to what is a worldwide killer of women.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Oh by the way if you are interested the shield was a custom made by my mate Allan at Type 40 ( and I can not say enough about the quality of his products.

I had the very special opportunity of visiting his workshop when I was down in Melbourne last Aug and to say its a cosplay heaven is an understatement. yay!!!!  So go share some love with my mate Allan.

Has This Ever Happened To You?

Have you ever woken up on a Saturday morning and thought to yourself –

I really need to stop photographing so much so I can clean the house and tidy the yard so it doesn’t look like hillbilly central!!!

Nah me neither….. 🙂

Has This Ever Happened to You?

Has This Ever Happened to You?


If you want to see the before and after images side my side and a video how it was edited pop over to my sister site

Quick Portrait Edit For A Saturday.


What a Colourful Day!

After a late night was up the crack of dawn to attend this years colour run here in Canberra. Last few years I’ve popped out there as a photographer however this she was different. This year I was a participant!

The fun and the joy that is the colour run is always something that brings a smile to my face and every other person that attends. The music and the vibe is upbeat and with volunteers along the way giving everyone words of encouragement it truly is an event for people of all fitness levels and in fact I think they should rename it to – The Colour Walk and Fun!

I’m not sure on the numbers that were there today but I would have a guess it would have been in excess of 20,000 people but it is hard to tell as the run is split over a period of time people get released in blocks to avoid a mad rush at the beginning.

After getting completely covered in coloured cornflower and bubbles I knew that I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by so what better reason to take some more photos.

This I friends is what the colour run looks like at the end!

OMG - That Was Awesome

OMG – That Was Awesome

As part of the the mandatory photography took Kit you need to GoPro and a Seflie stick.. 😉

Mandatory Tools for Colour Run

Mandatory Tools for Colour Run

Why do you need such mandatory tools??????

well it’s so you can capture some really crazy shots from a high of taking in large amounts of your environment because of the ultra wide lens.

This was just one of the stations along the way without a snow/foam making machine that pumped out tons of the stuff…..  Now if I could only get one of these for a photo shoot that would be awesome!!!!

What's a Bit of Snow between Friends

What’s a Bit of Snow between Friends

Now that you have run your ass off on what is the happiest 5 km of your life, you get to have a party and what a party it is….

Disclaimer: ok ok ok no one actually does run the colour run which is why I think they need to re-name it to the colour fun.

If you have some photos of your colour run I would love to see the as I cannot get enough of colour, glitter and the fun that is the colour run!

All that’s it for another year and I can’t wait to photograph all the action next year!

The Mad Party at the End

The Mad Party at the End


How to Find the Dodgy Night!

I was doing a corporate shoot and I noticed that a couple of my studio lights were not firing all the time so I swapped them out on the day with the spares I take on these types of shoot but the problem was I didn’t mark which ones where the dodgy ones.

So today while I had a bit of time between shoots I thought I would crack out the lights and find the ones that need replacing and what better to find them than to take some self portraits.

This is just a couple of the ones I ended out with as I’m a bit rushed for time.

I Am the Star Lord

I Am the Star Lord

Nothing like a little black and white action when you have a over head light setup. 🙂



After all that I did find the bulbs which need replacing and I had a bit of fun.

Now is time to get ready for a 21st birthday party that I’m covering tonight and like every party and event a cover I’m sure it is going to be a hoot.

Have a great night and keep safe!

Hey Look It’s Friday!

Oh boy what a week.  Covering events and portraits  through the week was fantastic but I must say it is nice to have a night off so I can get to bed before 2am and sleep into at least 6:05 am. lol

Once again the sunset tonight was spectacular and something I will never get sick of I dont think. 🙂

I will be posting a how to on this image tomorrow on my sister site so if you are interested in how to take and post process this type of photo have a look see tomorrow.

Until then I hope you have a fantastic night. <3

Thank God It's Friday

Thank God It’s Friday

As the Postprocessing Continues the Sunsets

With a full on afternoon of post processing photos from last night’s event and corporate portrait at photos of the Canberra Raiders cheer squad The Emeralds, I have a break in the weather to run outside and  get a quick snap while I export 300 images.

Sunsetting while I post process images.

Sunsetting while I post process images.

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