Do you love fashion! – Official Photographer

Fashion meets charity tomorrow night with the DLA Piper UNICEF Global Challenge Fashion Show Ethiopia on at Kingston where I will be there as the official photographer on the night to capture the glamour and gilts.

The night is being put on by a friend of mine Brodie Williams who is a Canberra Model also a Lawyer which for most does seems a little be at polar ends but I can assure you, if you needed a lawyer you would want Brodie in your corner.

 DLA Piper UNICEF Global Challenge Fashion Show Ethiopia

DLA Piper UNICEF Global Challenge Fashion Show Ethiopia

You can book your tickets or get more information here:

Hope to see you there. 🙂

Benny Wills Photos Are Up!

Boy oh boy what another fantastic event the Benny Wills Gala night was!

It was as I predicted –  full of fun, laughter and tears.  This year was different the the time I photographed this event two years ago.  Last time there was only one researcher working on a cure, with no progress, this year they have 9 researchers and have grown the tissues in the lab and have come up with a way to slow down the progress of the cancer.    This is an amazing thing for the families effected by this and I hope progress continues.

I setup a studio photo booth at the back of the room with some props so people could swing past when I had my lights on and get a few rando snaps and boy I did get some great shots…  lol

Some of the people that attended my studio photo booth to have a bit of fun.

Some of the people that attended my studio photo booth to have a bit of fun.

There was of course a serious side to all of this with the formal part of the evening with the stories and pictures of the children displayed up on the big screen.

Research is vital

Research is vital

Listening to the stories and watching the raw emotion spill out over the floor was very touching and showed the personal effect it has one everyone.

Welcome the VIP's

Welcome the VIP’s

All in all I think it was a successful night and I cant wait for next years gala event where i will once again offer up my time for free to support such a cause.

If you want to have a look at all the photos of the night you can see them from the events menu on the left hand side of this screen.

NOTE:  If you find yourself in them you have my full permission to download and use these images for your personal use. 🙂


Benny Wills Gala Night!

As I iron my clothes, charge my batteries, format my memory cards and back my bags for tonight gala ball I ponder at what memories I will capture tonight.  What people will I meet and what amazing stories will I hear.

The night is bound to be full of lots of laughter and tears for special young children that suffer from terminal brain cancer.  As a father it is an emotional event to cover I know all the monies raised goes into finding a cure into something that strikes down the children in our community.

I must say my team seems to becoming the kings of covering gala and corporate events here in Canberra and with my team also traveling to Sydney and Melbourne we are gaining some very valuable skills and experience in this space, and not only do we do photography we also do live internet streaming of these events.

Tonight will be no exception as we will have a photographer and our vidographer at the event to ensure we capture as much as we can do the foundation can use every bit of it to give to their VIP’s while also allowing them to promote next years event and raise even more valuable money.

Whatever you are doing tonight and no matter where you are, take a moment to think of your loves ones…  Hug them, tell them you love them and make the most of your time together as you never do know when they will be taken from your arms.

Have a great night!

Benny Wills Offical Photographer

Benny Wills Offical Photographer

Wall to Wall Photos Are up. :-)

Before I start what I’d like to say if you can please share this post to not only create awareness but also get these images out to the people that participated in the ride as most would never even know I was there nor would they know that they can freely get access to these photos.!

Last weekend I covered the wall-to-wall motorcycle ride, this ride is a memorial ride the police that have been killed in duty.

Wall-to-wall remembrance ride

Wall-to-wall remembrance ride

It’s an interesting ride as it starts many months before we each of the police Commissioners and over a wooden bat and tour rider for them to deliver it to the ceremony that is held at the police Memorial here in Canberra. Within each of these patterns is a scroll, this scroll holds the names of the officers that have been killed since the last memorial and it was nice to hear that none of these patterns contained any names.

Police Memorial Canberra ACT Australia - 12 September 2015: Wall to wall ride to support police killed in action throughout Australia with riders from all over Australia bringing batons of the fallen police to the wall of remembrance in Canberra ACT Australia.

Commissioners batton

The riders converge at our showground in the northern part of Canberra with a form up and create a massive convoy of bikes that is led by contingency of VIPs with their final destination at the police Memorial.

As part of the New South Wales contingency managed to strike a deal with Austin Martin and McLaren were they got to use one of their cars as a promotional vehicle with no cost to the police except for the registration and fuel costs associated with the vehicles being in the ride.

Goulburn NSW Australia - 12 September 2015: Wall to wall ride to support police killed in action throughout Australia with riders from all over Australia bringing batons of the fallen police to the wall of remembrance in Canberra ACT Australia.

Austin Martin

The McLaren promotional vehicle for the wall-to-wall

The McLaren promotional vehicle for the wall-to-wall

A couple of the police at Golden police Academy having a closer look at the McLaren

The promotional McLaren used to create awareness for the wall-to-wall ride

As a motorcycle rider I also took the opportunity to write from here to Goldman to meet up with the New South Wales and ACT contingency and wow, what a group of people and what a collection of bikes.

I think by the end of it there were over 2000 motorcycles registered which is a great turnout and I must say a very impressive convoy to ride in. Anyone that has written in a group of bikes before should really put this on the list of things to do next year as it is fantastic and for a great cause.

Police escort for the wall-to-wall ride

Police escort for the wall-to-wall ride


At the memorial they held a brief service that lasted around 40 minutes with tributes to the fallen and the laying of the batons. It was an interesting collection of people I must say, to seem bikie is talking freely with the police Commissioners from around Australia was something of a clash in everything that I see and hear through the media, and it was great to hear their stories of mateship and how they can work together.

Wall-to-wall ceremony

Wall-to-wall ceremony

watching some of these people places batons and looking into their eyes you can see the pain never fades, the loss of a loved one at any time is devastating that loan one that is taken for doing their job. A perfect example of this is a family that was there with their generations to remember their lost love one.

New South Wales police Commissioner Andrew Scipione with the family that had lost someone in the line of duty

New South Wales police Commissioner Andrew Scipione with the family that had lost someone in the line of duty

As the memorial finished and people when about their way a lot took the opportunity to have a look over the names on the wall of remembrance and if you are in town to take some time to go have a look as it is a solemn wall just as the wall of remembrance at the Australian War Memorial is.

People showing their respects and looking at the names of the fallen on the wall of remembrance

People showing their respects and looking at the names of the fallen on the wall of remembrance

If you want have a look at the photos you’ll find them by clicking on the events menu on the left-hand side of this page where you can freely download and keep a copy of any of the images for your personal use and give these away freely as a sign of respect on my way, be it small of giving something back to the people that sacrificed everything for our safety.


The Lost Indian!

A portrait session I did some time ago where I got to capture a whole heap of new faces with some terrific looks and talent.

The original image of the image below was submitted to the client with limited amount of postprocessing as they required it to be as close to as shot as possible as it was being used for their assessment in their make-up course. Now me being me I tend to go back through my images and play around with different ideas and postprocessing and this is one of those images.

The Lost Indian

Photographing at the Canberra Makeup Academy for one of their assessment nights.


Boy what a week.  Two major events completed in two different states, it took three of my photographers including myself and our assistant but WOW what a awesome week…… It was sooooo worth starting at 8 am and finishing way after midnight for almost the entire week.

Met a lot of really interesting people over the last week with one of them being Dave (Hughesy) Hughes as he was the MC at the iAwards and what a great entertainer he is. The crowd just loved him to bits and he kept the action going to schedule.

Mate!!!!!!! Just hanging with David (Hughesy) Hughes at the iAwards

Mate!!!!!!! Just hanging with Dave (Hughesy) Hughes at the iAwards

I just love event photography as I always get to meet a whole heap of new people but at the iAwards I had the opportunity to also get to meet a heap of CIO’s and managing directors for companies like Microsoft, Intel, Optus, Telstra and Deloitte, along with a heap of small business owners.

With around 6000+ photos to work through from the event which should keep me out of trouble for a little bit – be it a day or so.

If you are looking for an event photographer for a major event drop us a line as we have the team that will ensure you get the shots even under the most difficult situations. It doesn’t matter to us where your event is as we do travel or how large or small it is as my team will size up or down as you need. 🙂

The MHS Awards – Photos are up. :)

With The MHS Conference and awards held today we had the honor and opportunity to capture the proceedings and the lucky winners of such awards.

There was a great vibe and with a whole lot of happy faces with all the photos up on our online store that can be found off the menu on the left hand side.

If you have any issues let me know. 🙂

The MHS Awards

The MHS Awards

Hey Looked What I Packed!!!

Check out this video that shows some the stuff I am packing for my next little adventure covering the National iAwards conference and gala awards night at the Melbourne Convention Center.

My team comprises of two photographers and an assistant at the iAwards conference and another photographer in my team covering TheMHS conference and awards to be held here in Canberra, so it promises to be a busy week here at Brendan Maunder Photography.

Now I better run as I still have to pack the car and with a 7 hour drive in front of me I think I need a coffee.  🙂

If you a have large event that needs to be covered by a team of experts in the field, drop me a message as I am sure we can help and we do travel. 🙂

I Am Going To Start With Love!!

This person is like my own daughter. I  have watched her grow, took care of her, she would come over to my house at Christmas wearing socks on her hands and she was Kali’s big sister. I will protect her and look after as if she is my own!!

I love her to bits and to see that she is making a move to push her business and talents is fantastic.

Please give her a boost and show her some loving as she is a young single mum starting over and needs a hand…

I do a lot for lots of people.  I may have help you out at some point or even been a ear to listen and have never asked for anything…..  but now I am asking….

Help my daughter (not by blood but my love) out by liking her page and sending her some message of love. 🙂

She would really appreciate it and so would I.

Daughter from a second mother. :)

Daughter from a second mother. 🙂

Late-Night Antics

One of the joys of being an event photographer here in Canberra is I get to go out to all sorts of places at all sorts of hours –  typically night hours as that is when people are having fun and I must say I just love the idea of meet lots of new friends. 🙂

During the week I had an opportunity to photograph for the lighthouse pub in Belconnen where I didnt start at 11:30 PM and photographed till 2 AM.  I must say the time went super quick and it was such a blast that I didn’t want to leave.

Girls girls girls

Girls girls girls

One of the great things of the night was the staff.  🙂  They were all so welcoming and were more than happy to help and offer locations where I could get shots from. (even though they were really camera shy)

I must say when the owner has such a smile on his face for all this clients then its a good sign you are in the right place. 🙂

It must be tough being the owner as he looks like his is really sad about his job.

It must be tough being the owner as he looks like his is really sad about his job.

Doing what he does best… and that is puring the working event photographer a water… hahahahah Thanks mate for being my model 🙂

Throwing together a drink or two

Throwing together a drink or two

Well well well.. One of the things I take very very very serious… and that is people that don’t like their photo taken….  this young lass avoided me like I had the plague….  but what she didn’t know is that before she knew I was there I got this shot…  the rest of the shots was just me messing with her head.  haha

Camera shy staff :) - She will kill me if she see this so please share. hahaha

Camera shy staff 🙂 – She will kill me if she see this so please share. hahaha

This welcoming feeling washed through the place like a tsunami and effected everyone in the place.

And off we go

And off we go

All the people that were there had such a great feel and were super happy and just loved getting their photo taken, with some just loving the idea they can take photos of others. 🙂

I shot you!

I shot you, you shot me!

If you are out and about tonight have a great time, and be kind to the photographer as they are there to make you look freaking awesome. 🙂

You have an event, party, wedding, corporate  event and need a photographer…  Drop me a line and lets see if I can help you out. 🙂


Does Life Sometimes Feel Like Groundhog Day To You?

Just about every morning before I get up I look at what the weather is going be doing to my for the day, as it helps me plan what I am going to wear, carry and do for that day.

Is it going to be hot so I have to pack water bottles and ice creams in my portable fridges or freezing or do I need to take hot coffee?? Do I need to wear beanie or sunscreen?? Is it going to be so windy that I am going to be like Mary Poppins with all my portable lighting or still as a lake in the early morning?

These are very important questions I ask about the coming day and the days following as I need to make sure everything is taken into consideration for the success of the shoot and the comfort of the people I am working with,  be it a family, a wedding, board members of a large company, gala event, or even a conference with thousands of people attending.

Why I am telling you this by the way. 🙂

When I looked at today’s weather I noticed that it is almost identical to the same weather and time when I looked at a few days and it got me thinking.

Ground Hog Weather

Ground Hog Weather

Is it so bad that today is starting out and looking like it is going to be a repeat of the other day?  What happened the other day after I saw the weather? How did the day pan out? Was it good or bad?

All very important questions and ones I quickly asked and answered in my own head like a mad man talks to himself…. While the answers in themselves were not that amazing it was the act of self critiquing that I thought I would share. It is something that I do a lot,  after every shoot, event, or workshop I conduct.  After every meeting or interactions with key people and general people in my life.

It forms part or my personal and professional growth.

What are the areas you would like to see grow in your life and what do you do to make that happen or what first make that happen?

Are there areas in your photography that would like to improve in but not sure where to start?  Or other areas like post processing that you would like to pursue?

I would love to hear your stories as there may be things I can use or avoid in my life and business!

So please do share and comment below. 🙂

iAwards Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony – Official National Photographer

First I photographed the State iAwards gala dinner and award ceremony here at the National Art Gallery of Australia which I must say was a fantastic evening and I think I might blog about it when I did it.

The AIIA (Australian information industry Association) who hosted this evening was so happy with my work they are requested that I fly down to Melbourne and cover the national iAwards gala dinner and award ceremony at the Convention Centre. This my friend is going to be a massive evening as it is more than just a gala evening. It is a three-day event that includes judging, exhibitions, a conference and of course the gala dinner with subsequent award ceremony.

They will have speakers giving presentations throughout the Convention Centre to which we have to capture all of them along with being an opportunity for the AIIA board of directors to get together, so we’re going to use that opportunity to capture their portraits photos for their annual reports and publications. 🙂

All the images of the speakers and people getting the awards are being filtered out to the various media outlets as fast as we can after the images are taken with one of the key problems we faced in our planning was being out to tag and name everyone in the images, along with descriptions of what is happening in the photo they these images are in line with photojournalistic rules, all without missing any action on the media walls and the VIP areas.

With maybe about 1000 people attending the gala event itself and having to cover the entertainment along with the various areas throughout the centre it became fairly apparent that this was not a one-man job, so I enlisted various photographers including myself and an assistant to fly, drive, swim down there so make this a truly great success…. ok ok ok maybe no one will be swimming down there but you get the point.. lol

The gala event going till around 11 PM and that day starting around 8 AM is going to make for a very long day, and then you add around four hours of postprocessing straight after the event so we can get the images out to the media outlets so they have time to put them to press its going to be a very very very long day.

I must say having said that I’m so looking forward to it!!

There something about events that I just love, I’m not sure whether it is the excitement and the buzz in the air that goes with them or the pressure to ensure that you get the shot matter the lighting conditions and no matter the location. It’s just a buzz!!

If you know of anyone that is going to the iAwards or if you yourself are please say hello and we will make sure we get some special photos of you. 🙂

National iAwards to be held in the Convention Centre in Melbourne

Rugby and Photos

Sitting watching Australia and New Zealand play rugby I was trolling through some old photos.

Not that it is helping as the all blacks are giving us a flogging but it does help easy the pain.  🙂

Just give it

Just give it

Mr Jackson

Mr Jackson

Coastline Everywhere

Here in Australia we have a selection of places that we can go and photograph, and one of the favorite places which most of us tend to gravitate to because of our proximity to it is the coast. Its diverse, wide and spectacular.

I don’t often get a chance to get down to the coast as most my time is taken up hiding in events, studios and other places which don’t necessarily give me a coastal view so to speak. Some months ago I took the opportunity to sneak down the coast for a weekend some relaxation, to get some photos and also do some location scouting for some up-and-coming shoots once the weather gets warmer.

One of the places I ended out was at Merimbula and what a spectacular place it is. Along one of the main beaches has a rocky area which I think is kinda unique as it looks more like a boat ramp than ocean facing rocks. I snapped this photo and looking at it doesn’t do the place Justice is a details the rocks are hard to see but would you can see is the spectacular view is easily accessible in this location.

I plan to get back down there in the warmer months is a location is ideal for my portable lighting equipment as the ground is hard and even while offering a unique location with rocks that have texture and depth while also facing out to the ocean so I can capture the sunrise with models lit in the foreground using my Elinchrom Ranger Quadra kits.

So if you do get a chance get down that way and have look into forget to take your camera.

Rocky Merimbula coastline

Rocky Merimbula coastline

TheMHS conference 2015 – Official Photographer

We have been busy in the background working with some organisations to make sure we can cover their events and TheHMS Annual Conference for 2015 is one of those events.

It will take part in a few weeks and will be hosting the mental health awards for health professionals from all around Australia.

It will prove to be a fantastic event not only for these health professionals by allowing them to learn and share ideas that will improve metal health throughout Australia, which in turn benefit us all.  🙂

TheMHS Annual Conference

TheMHS Annual Conference – 2015

Benny Wills Gala Night – Official Photographer

Once again this year I’m privileged to be the official photographer for the Benny Wills gala night.

For anyone that doesn’t know about the Benny Wills foundation you should really pop over to their website and have a read

Their story is not only incredibly sad it also is tremendously inspiring. To lose a child to a fatal brain tumour would have to be one of the hardest things to go through in your life but to come back and create a foundation dedicated to the research into the very brain tumour that took your son’s life shows tremendous courage and strength.

To stand there and photograph these incredibly tough parents while they discuss the lives and the process of how this hideous disease takes the lives of their children is heartbreaking. To have to live through that and to know that once your child is diagnosed death is only six months away, I cannot imagine what they would go through. 🙁

It is for this reason I donate my time to this event as I believe that with time, money and the advancement of technology they will find a cure or as a minimum extend the life of these poor children so they can enjoy some additional time with their loved ones.

If you like to book a table or buy some tickets you can do that online and I urge you to come along as it is really a fantastic night.

Benny Wills Offical Photographer

Benny Wills Offical Photographer

Happy Balloons

Have you ever wondered what happy balloons look like?

Well I had the opportunity to to find out. A couple of us crazy kids grabed some balloons and popped out around the National Art Gallery snapped off a few shots and I must say it was a lot of fun.

I kept thinking of that movie Up and wondering how many balloons would it actually take for one of the models to be taken away……   and after some really deep thought I snapped out of it and got to work. 🙂

Contemplating where balloons can take you

Contemplating where balloons can take you

Imagination runs wild when you come across a bunch of creative people that want to be creative. Kinda makes you wonder whether limits are, and are there actually any limits?

Simple task of grabbing a couple of balloons and seeing what you make of them is an interesting challenge….. If you haven’t done it give it a go sure you will find a blast.

Up up and away

Up up and away

If you after some unique portraits ones that are completely different to normal studio and run-of-the-mill shots, please drop me a line as I’m sure we can come up with something creative just for you.

Contact details can be found of the side menu.

In Death We Live Though Our Children

Some of you might remember the other week I photographed a memorial for gentlemen that was killed in a motor vehicle accident. This was a tragic event one that rocked hundreds of people in our community and one devastated family.

Have a look at this photo. What do you see?

Christopher at his fathers memorial after he was killed in a car accident.

Christopher at his fathers memorial after he was killed in a car accident.

I took this photo at the beginning of the memorial when the gentleman son Christopher was walking around on stage oblivious to what had become of his father and oblivious to the reasons they why they found themselves inside a church on this day.

To watch his little boy walk around and one point walk over and touch the projected image of his father on the stage was something very moving. The innocence that lives within this child was obvious this day and is a part of me that is envious while also saddened the situation this young boy now faces.

He will never know the hurt and pain goes using a parent losing his father but he will also never know and truly understand the love Brian had for him. He will never see how proud his father would be of him as he progresses through the different stages of life and he will never see the look in his father’s eyes when he tells him, he loves him.

He walked over to me during the event as I was sitting on the floor in the stage, I gave him a polite way even a smile and then before you know it while I should be taking photographs of the event I found myself giving Christopher high-fives and playing pattycake, before one of his family members rounded him up to taking back to his seat.

As with any memorial and passing of someone that is dearly loved it is an emotional time and one that we all experience at some point in our lives.

Someone asked me how do photographers react and deal with photographing such events. The answer for me is quite simple, we deal with it in the same way other people at the event do. We mourn, cry and laugh at the joyful stories that are shared at these events.

Photographing memorials and funerals might seem like an unusual thing to do right!!!!  And I get that. Some families find closure and some use it as a healing process, while others see it as a way of documenting the life of someone that has passed.

This little man in this photo has a full life ahead of him, one that I know will be full of joy and love, he will be surrounded by family and friends and people that love him and will take care of him, however this doesn’t come for free!! The financial burden on this family in the coming months will be great as they get over the passing of their loved one, adjust to the reduction of income and being a single parent.


The family started a gofundme page where you can donate money to help this family and give them a kickstart over the next few months.

I would urge you to support this cause as I know their immediate family gives back to the community more than they take. They have supported the youth of Canberra and close friends of mine and for that I can not thank them enough.

More information can be found at the link below.



Is This Not the Coolest Little Bike You Have Ever Seen?

As you guys may I ride motorbikes and with that I come across lots of bikes most of which don’t really take my fancy from a photographic point of view, yesterday in my travels I came across the coolest little bike I have seen in a long time!

It was not only the style of bike but the colour and feel. The brown leather matched the other components of the bike and I just love the knobby wheels tires. 🙂

It just made me want to take it out on a photo shoot as I have a ton of ideas and concepts that this bike would fit into, not to mention I would love to do the bike and the owner justice by getting some fantastic shots.

What are some of the things that you come across in your day the grab your eye?

Do you have things that catch your eye? This little bike caught mind as I was going about the travels

Do you have things that catch your eye? This little bike caught mind as I was going about the travels

SOS – Salsa On Saturday!

On Saturday night I popped out to a salsa dance event and I must say it seems like forever since I photographed any form of dancing so it was great to be back to capture the fun and enjoyment that is dance, but also see some familiar faces which I had not seen in some time.

Salsa on Saturday is an event that is run monthly to allow a salsa dancing community to get together and have a bit of fun and what fun they did have!!

If you don’t believe me have a look at this group shot. 🙂

SOS - Salsa on Saturday - SEVEN

SOS – Salsa on Saturday – SEVEN

If you want to know more about salsa on Saturday drop me a message will send you the organisers details.

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