Touching Base With Nature

Like just about everyone in the world we are currently restricted to staying at home to “flatten the curve” and I must say it has been interesting from a professional and private perspective.

My days are spent working from home and only going out to get supplies. Given I live alone the first few weeks were hard as I normally am around lots of people and I don’t spend much time at home.

As the weeks have gone on I have come to get used to only having the odd contact with people and enjoying the company of Scarlet (my all faithful dog) and my free-range chickens.

I have spent many many hours in my garden to give it the much-loved care that it should have gotten over the years of me always being busy. I have a pumpkin patch the size of a small country and I am not the selfie appointed Pumpkin King as I have produced maybe around 200+kg of pumpkin not to mention the 40 or more cucumbers and I really don’t eat either, so my friends are currently being targeted to take my excess. Some are now telling me they have enough but I still have lots and lots.. So all the neighbours around me have also woken up to midnight pumpkin fairies doing deliveries. hahahaha

Anyways over the weeknd I spent a lot of time in my garden and as I was cleaning up with the whippersnapper I came across a treasure trove that only weeks ago every Australian have killed for. No it was not toilet paper but eggs.

I have been wondering where my chickens have been laying their eggs but now I am the master the king of eggs. lol

The Secret Stash
The Mother Load of Eggs

Who Doesn’t Garden?

I managed to get out of the house and get into the garden this afternoon after processing 1300 photos from the wedding I captured yesterday and I must sayit was nice to get the sun on my skin, get my hands dirty will also planting seeds which will not only bring me food but also flowers which I can put in my front yard that always bring a feeling of happiness to my soul.

And I must say, what sort of photographer would be if I didn’t take photos of my super impressive gardening. hahahahahaha

The plans are growing
The plans are growing

Do you garden?

If so please send some photos as I’d love to see what you’re doing.