Who Doesn’t Garden?

I managed to get out of the house and get into the garden this afternoon after processing 1300 photos from the wedding I captured yesterday and I must sayit was nice to get the sun on my skin, get my hands dirty will also planting seeds which will not only bring me food but also flowers which I can put in my front yard that always bring a feeling of happiness to my soul.

And I must say, what sort of photographer would be if I didn’t take photos of my super impressive gardening. hahahahahaha

The plans are growing
The plans are growing

Do you garden?

If so please send some photos as I’d love to see what you’re doing.

Show me how you relax and feature on my blog.

Love life and adventure takes its toll on all of us one way or another, and we all deal with it in our own ways.

For anyone that knows me, knows I lead a very busy life. I do lots of things with my time. Some of these things are covering events both here in Canberra, interstate and also internationally, by also doing portraits of all different descriptions and complexity levels. Added to this is my coaching and photographic workshops I conduct, while also writing course material and working on publishing photographic magazines and books.

Such a busy life requires a lot of time and effort not to mention emotional investment and I have to admit it takes it out of you. Some people drink, some people party, some people hold it within, some people yell some people, sit back, and some people just enjoy life what it is.

For me is a simple things in life. To be able to sit down and relax in the warmth of the sun or drinking a super hot coffee.

Sometimes life is as simple as a good coffee and some sunshine – Brendan Maunder

I wish you all a very good weekend and I’d be interested to see what photos you can take over the weekend that express how you relax and wind down.

So your mission shall you choose to accept it, go out and capture events and things over this weekend that you find relaxing to help you wind down.

Anyone that sends me their photos I will publish on my website for the world to see and ensure you have full and 100% credit.

Out of the images I receive I will select one , and feature in one of my blogs next week where I will interview the owner of the image so they can tell us/the world what it is, in that photo that makes them relax and wind down.

You can send your image to “Brendan @ BrendanMaunder.com”  (Just remove the spaces) or PM on Facebook or message me on Google +

So what are you waiting for get out there and capture your life in a relaxing and wind down fashion. 🙂

Seflie of me having a coffee to start the day
Seflie of me having a coffee to start the day