Get Out Your Cameras It’s Going To Rain!!!

Things move fast in my world…..

This time yesterday I was talking about how the weekend was going to be wet and raining with heavy rain coming our way, and how if you had a wedding on that you should get your photographer to get your photos in the rain, and if they are any good they will get some amazing shots with the use of lighting……

Well, that got me thinking, very shortly after my post.

  •  Am I just sitting here on my high horse saying these things and not being able to back them up?
  • Are people actually crazy enough to venture out in what will be very difficult shooting situations?
  • What would a professional makeup artist do in such horrid weather?
  • How would everyone stay warm enough so they don’t all die of exposure?
  • Would we be able to create images is heavy rain in such real-world situations?

With all those questions running around in my head there was only one thing to do!!!!!!

Assemble, or try to assemble a team of people that area stupid enough to follow me in this dream!!!!!

I put out the call out to my friends at around 6:30am and apparently I either have friends that don’t sleep or wake up early, but either way, I had two models and two make up artists confirmed by around 8am.

Now I am not sure about you but that confirmed that I do have some crazy friends. Ha ha ha ha

This shoot is going to be sooooo out there and sooo extreme in weather conditions that I did the rare thing and opened up a single spot for someone to attend and learn how this stuff comes together…. Yep that’s right…. only one single spot…. This person would be on set with us to learn how to take and use on location lighting is such extreme conditions!!!

I must say I have never seen anyone offer up such a unique learning opportunity as this and for that reason, the single spot was snapped up very quickly.

So as I lay here just about to get up I can hear the rain falling, and while most people hide away inside I am starting to get excited for our shoot tomorrow….

It is going to be challenging and it is going to be cold and it is going to be very wet but we will come away with some very unique images and learn a lot along the way.

The most important part is that we will all be having fun doing it!!!

Mmmmm Fog…..

Boy I hate it when I see the forcast of fog and I don’t have any shoots going on when there is fog around… 🙁

I’m planning on doing a sports/fitness shoot in the morning fog but it is seeming tricky at the moment to get the timing right….

Well one this is true, it is going to pelt down rain over the comin days so if you wanted to get out and take advantage of the sun, today is the day to do that before we get hit with 20mm of rain.

I know last night is started prepping my riding gear for the rain by putting rainx on my visor on my helmet to give me better visibility in the up and coming weather.

I would suggest that if you have an outdoor event this weekend it might pay to look at wet weather ideas and if you have a wedding don’t sweat it.  My advise is, if you are game get some great formal photos in the rain as they come out fantastic.  It might take some extra lighting to really show some cool effects but if you photographer is skilled enough you will get some fantastic shots. 🙂

Yay for rain shots.