Mmmmm Fog…..

Boy I hate it when I see the forcast of fog and I don’t have any shoots going on when there is fog around… 🙁

I’m planning on doing a sports/fitness shoot in the morning fog but it is seeming tricky at the moment to get the timing right….

Well one this is true, it is going to pelt down rain over the comin days so if you wanted to get out and take advantage of the sun, today is the day to do that before we get hit with 20mm of rain.

I know last night is started prepping my riding gear for the rain by putting rainx on my visor on my helmet to give me better visibility in the up and coming weather.

I would suggest that if you have an outdoor event this weekend it might pay to look at wet weather ideas and if you have a wedding don’t sweat it.  My advise is, if you are game get some great formal photos in the rain as they come out fantastic.  It might take some extra lighting to really show some cool effects but if you photographer is skilled enough you will get some fantastic shots. 🙂

Yay for rain shots.

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