#RedMyLips #2

Sexual violence in our culture exist for many reasons, but one thing is for sure that it is not and never will be the victims fault!!!

People have the right to wear whatever the hell they like, and just because they choose to wear something which some person finds provocative does not give that person the right to force sexual violence on another.

We are not animals, who have control over our actions and we are held accountable for those. Shifting the blame to someone else because of our actions is just plain wrong.

Red My Lips (http://redmylips.org/) is about awareness, and about educating and changing culture and putting the responsibility back onto the people which deserve it…..  and that my friends is the people that perform these acts on others. The spineless people seek pleasure and power by controlling others.

Please share this image to create awareness and change culture.

#RedMyLips #2
#RedMyLips #2

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