Talk about windy!!!

Boy oh boy…….  I think if you live on the east coast of Australia you would know what I am talkin about!

The wind has been going hard for the last few days with many places effected and looking at the forecast it is going to continue for at least another day.

From a photographic point of view the wind can be a right pain as it not only blows the studio lighting equipment away but blows hair and all sorts of things around.

The key to working in these conditions is work with it and not against it and there are things that you can do to still get the shot. 🙂

Don’t be afraid to give things ago as you never know what images you just might get but please. stay safe as it can be very dangerous out there also.

Cold And Shitty But I Don’t Care!!

After what seemed like a full day yesterday of hoping it would rain and the sun shining through, the rain finally did come toward the end of our shoot yesterday. Yay!!!!!

The rain fell and we rejoiced!!

We must of seemed like a gang of weirdos as we all stood around in the rain cheering as it got heavier and heavier.  And then the cheering turned into chattering teeth and what was the real heavy rain that we wanted hours before. Ha ha ha ha

I must say it was the heaviest rain I have ever shot in and I used to shoot a lot of equestrian……  The rain on me and my gear was so heavy that I couldn’t see the LCD on the back of my camera. I kept wiping the water off but it was very quickly replaced with rain either from the sky or the rain falling off my face.  Lol

At that my friends is why I have weather sealed pro photographic gear.

The people that I was with yesterday are true professionals…. Man…. I do a lot of crazy shit to get my shots but I do it because I love what I do!!! To find a collection of people that were not only willing to help me pull off my concept yesterday and see it thought in horrid conditions was just truly amazing.

The one downer of yesterday was that my dear friend and personal makeup artist (that kinda sounds like I get makeup on me) got her phone stolen out of her handbag.  A hand bag that was sitting with us all the time and would of had someone not a few meters from it at any one time. 🙁

I hope who ever took it gets their armpits infected with a million fleas…….  How dare they take our shit off our set….. Grrrrr.

Even after she noticed  it was gone she was the perfect professional, and kept on with a smile. 🙂

Enjoy your day everyone!!!! As for me I will tucked away inside, on a heater, in front of a computer screen working through photos. Yay…

Mother Nature I Hate You So!

Boy two days ago and even yesterday the forecast was rain all weekend and heavy rain at that..  Now when I look out I don’t see rain and the forecast is somewhat on the sunny side….  Too sunny for my liking!!!

For those of you that are now wondering what I am complaining about, let me get you up to speed. 🙂

I planned a portrait session this afternoon with a team of make up artists, models and assistants in the rain, and it is the rain that is a major part of this photo shoot.

With little rain coming it makes a rain photo shoot some what…… not a rain photoshoot. Ha ha ha ha

We will see how it looks as we approach on set times and come up with a plan… A back up plan of sorts.

This is why I just love being a on location portrait photographer.  You have to think on your feet, adapt and overcome things that you have zero control over.  It’s a wonderful thing!!!!! This ability to adapt and change makes it soooo much easier for me to get the shots in high pressure situations like wedding and events, so maybe I do like Mother Nature after all!!!!

Anyways let’s see how we go.