Rush rush rush

Life can be really busy for us all and I know for me I sometimes look back and wonder where the last month or two months has gone.

We have work and family and we all still have to make time for ourselves.  A lot of friends that know how busy I am ask me when is it that I make time for me.  Time away from work and time to recharge?

My answer is always the same.  I get my energy for taking photos, capturing the moments in time that others take for granted.  It gives me time to relax and look at the world in a different way and to see the things we all miss in our ever increasing busy lives.

No other time is this true than at your own wedding.  The day flies by and before you know it, it’s over and your new life begins and the only memory you have of that special day is the photos of your wedding.

So if you are feeling stressed and need to wind down I can highly suggest you take some time to take some photos.  Grab that camera and just walk.  Walk to places you have been before and look at it with a different eye, an eye for capturing the small things, the things you see every day and I am sure you will be surprised how relaxing and interesting this will be.