#RedMyLips #7

Red is the colour of passion, passion that I believe is within all of us. The walls and halls of the home should not be splattered in red.

The men and women subjected to sexual violence and domestic violence should not see the colour red and less the intent is love.

Far too many homes around Australia subject to the never-ending cycle of sexual and domestic abuse. This cycle continues through generations and one that I am all too familiar with.

When a child sees a parent either subjecting someone to sexual or domestic violence that sends a very strong message to that child that that behaviour is accepted. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female, the message is the same.

Studies have shown that children in this environment will either be a perpetrator or a victim of this never-ending cycle. It is up to us to go along and break this cycle!!

As a community and a culture we need to send a very clear message that this behaviour is not okay while also understanding the history and the reasons behind this type of behaviour.

It is not something that has been generated overnight but something that has been learned over a lifetime.

No matter the history this behaviour is not okay and if you are a victim or a perpetrator there is help out there.

If you know someone in this situation as I’m sure many of you do, be there for them. Help them through this, and make sure they know there is help out there.


#RedMyLips #7
#RedMyLips #7

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