#RedMyLips #9

I am a father and I’m not ashamed or scared to express my love for my daughter!

I spent seven years volunteering with Barnardos here in Canberra and I spent many years understanding and studying psychology behind why people do things.

One thing I know out of all this, is that sexual violence and intimidation is not only a cultural thing but it is something thatΒ is in most cases factor of the environment in which we grew up in, the environment in which we felt comfortable in the environment in which the foundations were set.

To transform our culture I believe we need to start at the grassroots and that for me is the family unit. It is within this family unit and the people associated with it that set the foundations for the children that will eventually have complete control over their own destiny.

Make a positive change today and help transform our culture by educating our children that sexual violence, intimidation and domestic violence is not okay!

It is not the victims fault as they didn’t choose to be a victim, so let’s change the culture away from victim blaming and put a spotlight where it belongs, back onto the perpetrators.



#RedMyLips #9
#RedMyLips #9


  1. This is the last of this series so if you really want to support the cause just as my little army of models and make up artists did, you can share this an all the others from the series on you walls and other social media.

    So go forth and spread the news to raise awareness and change a culture!!!!

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