Red My Lips!!!!! – #RedMyLips

The month of April is about raising awareness that sexual violence and victim-blaming is NOT OK!!!!

To do that run a month long campaign where you are encourage to wear red lipstick and throw a couple of bucks their way.  When I found out about this I put the call out to my friends to see if anyone would be involved in a photo shoot where they get to wear red lippy and show the world they stand together against sexual violence and victim-blaming.

This in itself raised awareness and I amassed a small army of people ready to get their photos taken…  To all of which I am very grateful for not only their time but their commitment in supporting such a cause as short notice.

This is the first of these images…..  So sit back and watch them over the course of the rest of April…

Red My Lips - 2015 #Re
#RedMyLips – 2015