#RedMyLips #5

Violence is never the answer! Although us men are not the sole perpetrators of sexual violence and abuse we do have a moral responsibility to not only ensure the safety of those around us but also to educate and remove any thought that this type of behaviour is okay in our society.

I know there are men out there that actually think that sexual violence, intimidation and mental abuse is okay. My message to them is that it is not okay and there is no place in this or any other culture for those thoughts or behaviours.

Men that act and behave in this way are missing something the lives, they missing thought process that allows them to feel like men without the need to intimidate or show their authority over someone else. They need help. Serious help!!

The feeling of power that this gives them is only short lived and continuous and without positive change within those men and from the people around them it will continue.

While this campaign involves a lot of women I believe that it is the men that need to take charge of this. It is the men that need to stand up and say no it is not okay and is the real men that need to show leadership and courage to stand up and educate the males which think they are men!

#RedMyLips #5
#RedMyLips #5



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