Special Moments in Time!

Being able to capture a fraction of a second of someone’s life might seem a little unimportant, however while this may be the case in some shots others hold a significant amount of personal connection with the people within the photo.

Has there been times in your life where you have been incredibly sad, excited, happy, mad or just in a special place, like when you meet someone for the first time or someone you look up to.

My job as an event and portrait photographer is to capture these moments, moments that pass at the blinking of an eye but a significant to the people that I photographed for and are in these shots.

I photographed equestrian events that involved a lot of children and in one case there was a child was bawling her eyes out as she was so frustrated with the pony at the time wasn’t doing what she wanted it to do. The mother of this child saw me snapping away and kind of shooed me off as she didn’t want to embarrass the young girl. My response to her was that the emotions and the tears something that her and her daughter would cherish for a lifetime. She heard these words, sat back and thought for a second or so and let me continue shooting. When I publish these photos in my online store you never guess who bought copies? 🙂

So for me sometimes it might be awkward or uncomfortable for some people to get the photo taken while they are in an emotional state, I know that once the tears dry and the excitement passes the only thing left be the special moments captured in time.


Special moments in time
Special moments in time

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