Capturing the Magic of Mount Johns at Sunrise in Alice Springs

Alice Springs, located in the heart of Australia’s Red Centre, is a photographer’s paradise. With its diverse landscapes and natural wonders, this remote outback town offers an endless array of opportunities to capture the beauty of the surrounding wilderness. One of the highlights of any trip to Alice Springs is visiting Mount Johns at sunrise, a time when the mountain is transformed into a magical wonderland of colors and light.

Mount Johns at Sunrise

Photographing sunrise can be a challenging but rewarding experience. To get the best results, it’s important to be prepared and to have a plan in place. Here are some tips for capturing the magic of Mount Johns at sunrise:

  1. Get there early: Sunrise is a busy time, and you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of time to set up your camera and find the perfect spot. Arrive at Mount Johns at least 30 minutes before sunrise to give yourself enough time to find the best location and set up your camera.

  2. Use a tripod: Sunrise is a low-light situation, and you’ll need a steady camera to get sharp images. A tripod will also allow you to use slower shutter speeds and capture the movement of the clouds and the changing colors of the sky.

  3. Experiment with compositions: Sunrise is a time of dramatic changes in light and color, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different compositions. Try shooting from different angles and perspectives, such as shooting from the top of the mountain or from the base, to capture the unique beauty of Mount Johns at sunrise.

  4. Use a polarizing filter: A polarizing filter can help to reduce reflections and increase the saturation of colors in your photos. This is especially useful when photographing sunrise, as it will help to bring out the vibrant colors of the sky and the surrounding wilderness.

  5. Use a long exposure: If you’re visiting Mount Johns at sunrise, consider using a long exposure to capture the movement of the clouds and the changing colors of the sky. A long exposure can also add a dreamy effect to your photos, making them more interesting and engaging.

In conclusion, Mount Johns at sunrise is a must-see destination for any photographer visiting Alice Springs. With its magical light, diverse landscapes, and natural wonders, this mountain is sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, capturing the magic of Mount Johns at sunrise is an unforgettable experience. So, pack your camera and hit the road – you’re in for an unforgettable journey!

Special Sunrise!

It seems to be a think of late that most weekends I get up early to capture the first rays of the day in a different location in and around Canberra. To day was not different except for the fact that my daughter asked to join me in the pre-dawn shoot. <3

Now to put some context into this, she is a teen and last time I checked teens are like vampires… they don’t get up before sunrise, so it was really nice to have her along.

While mother nature had very different ideas of what I could shoot with a heavy cloud cover we did happen to grab a small bit of sun as it was peeking through the clouds. 🙂

Sunrise across the lake
Sunrise across the lake

The Eagles Nest

Waking up this morning an hour or so before sunrise I peeked out my window and to my surprise, the sky was clear as a bell which was weird considering the forecast was for rain and cloud but hey… I wasn’t complaining as I could use my early morning wake-up to sit out to the arboretum and capture the sun rising over our city before it started to wake.

I must say driving around Canberra before dawn on a Saturday morning is actually quite pleasant. The traffic is almost non-existent and in winter time the area is crisp as a new hundred dollar bill. Not that I’ve actually seen one of those in some time. lol

And getting to the arboretum was not surprised that there was no one around, not even any birds. Not sure if it was the cold weather or the fact that it was too early, maybe even a combination of both, either way, had the place to myself.

On top of one of our lookouts at the arboretum as sculpture there that is made up of all different types of metal shapes to create what is an Eagle’s nest sitting on top of the Eagle’s nest as you can see is an Eagle. Surprise surprise. During the daylight hours, it’s interesting to have a look at how they put this thing together but I must say I prefer the silhouette of the structure against the rising sun and the blue skies.

The Eagle's nest at the Canberra arboretum
The Eagle’s nest at the Canberra Arboretum

In the background, you can see Black Mountain with the fog on the clouds rolling across it as they moved from the hills towards the lake. While you can’t see it in this picture the tower was illuminated green. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture an image they are satisfied with that showed off the color but I guess that is a good excuse to go back.

Behind-the-scenes of an early morning sunrise
Behind-the-scenes of an early morning sunrise

Spending a few hours before dawn, taking the time to take some photos and take in the surrounds is a great way to start a weekend and a great way to ground yourself.

Were you sleeping while I was up capturing these photos for you also out and about capturing similar memories?

Sun rising across the nation's capital
Sun rising across the nation’s capital

Long weekend surprise, so should I say sunrise. :)

With Canberra halfway through a long weekend, and the balloon festival starting yesterday what better excuse than you get up early, and get some sunrise shots.

Sunrise shots can be relatively tricky, due to the contrast of the sun and the general surroundings. I took this photo below and a few others but I really liked the glare from the sun, striking across the lens. This effect can be generated in Photoshop, but from my perspective so much nicer to get in camera.

Long weekend sunrise
Long weekend sunrise

The shot was created using three individual exposures, which were merged in Photoshop to allow the foreground and the middle ground to be exposed. Without doing this they were completely black as a sun was overpowering anything else in creating silhouettes of the mountains.

Show me some of your landscape shots?

BTL – Auckland, New Zealand

I had the pleasure of spending this morning of spending some time with an online friend Nicky.

She was kind enough to get up super early and show me some of the great areas around Auckland where I could get some shots of not only the main tower but also of the harbor, and I must say what a treat.

Here is just a couple of the shots we got.